A little gift for @doodledrawsthings / @artisticdoodler of their absolutely adorable character, Pam! I love that plant hair, so flo o f y

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I’m having so much heckin fun with this style my goodness. I figured out what sorts of custom dithering patterns I made for this technique were my faves, and the challenge of a limited color palette for the sake of keeping layers concise was really fun to work within. :,0

The mAIN point of this stream was to whip up some gifts of characters I’ve wanted to draw for an age but kept putting off til now :,> So here’s everybody I drew up some stuff for~

@diabebus‘s Buck

@5targuitar‘s Z

@arrt-jim-lad‘s Rolling Flash

@artisticdoodler‘s Vito & Barrett

and @cecameron‘s Tacker

I hope you all like these! ;v; Love all you folk’s work immensely, and I can’t wait to see what you all do next.

Also if you’d like transparent versions of em at all feel free to msg me! :>

So in the nuclear falls mod Mabel’s passive is Flirts with Death and i just found that SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!! 

like if Mabel is at 1 HP she could still survive, so im just here imagining Mabel flirting in a tired delusional state as a weird defense mechanism!!! Flirting with her enemies just dealing with imminent death with romantic advances!!! I LOVE IT

AU mod by @nuclearfalls

@artisticdoodler theres not alot of reason why but i really want you to see this.

Ooookay, so, I saw these two characters by @venusmansion and @artisticdoodler and had the overwhelming urge to draw them hanging out.

It turned out 300% gayer??? than I meant to??? Also if I fudged anything I’m sincerely sorry with special attention to artisticdoodler bc I had no color refs for your character and I didn’t know what their legs looked like sorry.

bonus close up bc I liked it under the cut

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