artisticdoodle replied to your photo:WELL I GUESS I’LL HAVE AN AVATAR ART BOOK SIGNED…

Or you can always bring both and just accidentally put the signed one on the table… Just saying… ;)

Ooohhh…tricky.  This is always an option.  Sadly I don’t want to get caught.


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i kept my receipt WHOO. i was smart.

I think I still have the receipt FROM WHEN I BOUGHT IT AT BARNES AND NOBLE stuck in my art book

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Well, Korra has forgiven herself (this took the place of Zaheer? I hope so…). Opal has some issues to work out with her family and Bolin. Varrick is going to have to beg for forgiveness thanks to spirit world experiments. And Kuvira… oh Kuvira…

YEAH. Korra needs to forgive herself, first and foremost - she needs to stop feeling angry and resentful towards her own identity in all its different facets, and it really looks like she’s getting there. So maybe she won’t ~ forgive ~ Zaheer after all (fingers crossed)

There’s a ton of family issues to resolve between the Bei Fong brood (that means you, Bataar Jr.), Mako and Bolin are going to have to hug it out sooner or later, and Hiroshi Sato is coming back, but I hope Asami doesn’t forgive him either.

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The leaf spirit has an army of cohorts that stole them all mid transit and is holding on to them for Korra to read once she’s done having her happy fun times with Toph? … Duct taped plot hole…?

Doylistic explanation: duct-taped plot hole

Watsonian explanation: the Avatar world postal service sucks like hell, because it’s been overrun by kleptomaniac leaf spirits