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Today, I used one of my left-handed sketches from last year for a quick exercise (don’t worry, I used my right hand to colour it! I’d have to change my entire settings to switch hands with my tablet).
Who likes the idea of mermaids as weird fish creatures without breasts? …apparently, I do.
Aujourd’hui j’ai utilisé un de mes croquis de la main gauche de l’an dernier pour un exercice rapide (ne vous inquiétez pas, j’ai utilisé ma main droite pour la colo ! Je devrais tout reprogrammer si je changeais de main sur ma tablette).
Qui aime l’idée que les sirènes sont des créatures poissonneuses bizarres sans poitrine ? …apparemment, moi.

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Couldn’t let Mermay end without contributing! I decided to share with you some variants of my ambiguously flat mermaid design. ;D I know some of you lovely people wanted to see more of them!
Je ne pouvais pas laisser Mermay se terminer sans participer ! Je vous partage donc quelques variantes de mes sirènes toutes plates. ;D Je sais que certains d’entre vous souhaitaient en voir plus !

The city that my players recently found themselves in has some harsh ways of punishing folks. They found this guy about to be thrown into a sinkhole outside the desert and bought him after a few minutes of failing to assault the guard (the player just gently felt the guards abs and then breezed his face with a soft force push).

His name is Avox and he’s a Chibido, which in this world are a race of intensely complacent slaves. He has been told to call his new master friend, which definitely means master in the players language ^-^ definitely ^-^

He’s also bought him an armband with a hidden blade so that he isn’t useless :)

The other day, @calicot-zc mentioned to me that she drew a B&W picture of her character Mrs Marraubin, but didn’t colour it digitally yet. I said I’d do it, and she sent me her lines.
…don’t give me your linearts, guys. I WILL paint all over them all willy-nilly and fuck stuff up until my brain can process their shading. I HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR LINES AND WILL TRY TO FIX THINGS THAT DON’T NEED FIXING.

As a side-note, I’m currently working on a personal project that I will mostly keep to myself for now. If it ends up being any good, you might see some of it. If not, heh, no harm done.

In the olden days, this was the day boys were finally considered to be men. They were taught the ways of the sword to prepare them for battle with their enemies. Hanging the family shield on the wall as decoration is another tradition that has been carried down from those days.

Inktober 02/10/16 - Ice Scream

My second Halloween-themed Inktober illustration! This odd cat is most certainly a witch’s familiar. 
Like the previous drawing, it was made using black, orange, purple and white ink, as well as technical and artist pens.
Ma seconde illustration à thème pour Inktober ! Ce chat un peu étrange est certainement le familier d’une sorcière.
Comme le précédent, le dessin a été réalisé à l’aide d’encre noire, orange, violette et blanche, ainsi que des stylos techniques et feutres.

melanchollyman  asked:

Draw your favourite 2hu!

Medicine Melancholy if she were a SINoALICE character inspired by one of the preview tracks [link]

Listen mate, there is no shame in simply flat out requesting Medy; you KNEW when you sent that the result would be her. 

On a serious note do feel like she was cheated to an extent, the character has a lot of potential for a great backstory and such [especially with the sort of atmosphere Poison Body has] but instead is forgotten to other PoFV characters. And in a more broad perspective, do think about how much of a curse it is for passion to constantly fall to less well known characters and series at times. Sometimes get envious at all the discussion and theories occurring in larger fandoms heh [granted it’s probably pretty silly seeing a hermit that spends most of their life in silence complaining about discussion].