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Today, I used one of my left-handed sketches from last year for a quick exercise (don’t worry, I used my right hand to colour it! I’d have to change my entire settings to switch hands with my tablet).
Who likes the idea of mermaids as weird fish creatures without breasts? …apparently, I do.
Aujourd’hui j’ai utilisé un de mes croquis de la main gauche de l’an dernier pour un exercice rapide (ne vous inquiétez pas, j’ai utilisé ma main droite pour la colo ! Je devrais tout reprogrammer si je changeais de main sur ma tablette).
Qui aime l’idée que les sirènes sont des créatures poissonneuses bizarres sans poitrine ? …apparemment, moi.

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Couldn’t let Mermay end without contributing! I decided to share with you some variants of my ambiguously flat mermaid design. ;D I know some of you lovely people wanted to see more of them!
Je ne pouvais pas laisser Mermay se terminer sans participer ! Je vous partage donc quelques variantes de mes sirènes toutes plates. ;D Je sais que certains d’entre vous souhaitaient en voir plus !

Murata stream update: full ref shots of Genos’ new body design! Murata drafts sketches of his new arms for his own ref use too. Check out all the new details! Of note, Genos’ hair is back to the short, sharp spikes and his neck is black again. His torso, legs, and feet are a slender, more sleeker design with lots of black lining now too.


I’ve been streaming Voltron all weekend on my instagram. currently on the last episode of season 3

help me.


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So, I got into Starbound a while ago, and fell instantly in love with Novakids. Not only are they adorable and made of stardust, but they’re also hyperactive cowboy fanatics.

From left to right, we have my character Russ, my girlfriend’s character Alloy, and my friend ( @drawsomething )’s character Milli, and together they are: THE DIAMOND DOGS.

Rustoleus Q. Epsilon, or Russ for short, is a bonafide airhead and defacto leader of the crew. He owns and pilots the ship The Screaming Coyote, and has a knack for getting himself into tricky situations. Though Russ claims to be a “freelance bounty hunter,” he only gets work sporadically and often doesn’t make deadlines. Recently, he’s been saying he’s “between jobs,” and has branched out into doing general courier services, interplanetary janitorial work, and spelunking. It doesn’t help that Russ is also constantly running from the law - he’ll tell you he killed someone once. The Intergalatic Police will say he’s been avoiding taxes for the past seven years.

Alloy is a young novakid and ex-call girl trying to find her place in the world. She was hired to get some bow-chica-wow-wow going on with Russ by his friend, but things didn’t work out, and instead of getting hanky-panky she got a new job as navigator and translator. While thankful, she has no idea how she ended up with such an idiot like Russ… but at the same time, they make a pretty good team. Alloy suffers from low self-esteem, but being part of The Diamond Dogs has given her a new perspective on herself and just how needed she is.

Alloy is also in possession of a giant, ominous floating eyeball. A souvenir from a monster encounter gone horribly, horribly right, this semi-sentient eyeball has been following Alloy around ever since, despite it creeping Russ the hell out. There have been many attempts to name the eye, but every time it’s given a name, the crew seems to forget shortly after. Whether or not this is a trait of Novakid attention spans or some sort of power from the eyeball is unclear.

Milli is the muscle of the crew. In fact, she is the muscle, the tank, the guns, and the welcoming committee, if Russ isn’t there already. In reality, Milli is a wanted criminal for things like actual murder, seven accounts of grand theft, an unsolved heist in 4 quadrants, and is a suspect in 5 different arson cases. She actually stole away on The Screaming Coyote thinking it was an escape vessel. Russ, on the other hand, thought she was the new crew member responding to his add in the paper. Russ is also completely unaware that the police after them are looking for her and not him

Watercolor class got so wild today.

For some context, it’s an 8am - 10:45 am studio class on Watercolor Painting. Normally because it’s so goddamn early, the class stays really quiet with minimal talking and joking. Everyone just sort of hugs their coffee and paints and tries not to fall asleep. But today the Professor (Scott) decided to do a demo on using different mediums to create a texture, and for some reason the class decided to unveil just how crazy they normally are when they’re more awake.

So here’s some highlights, because it was fucking hilarious.

Scott, upon forgetting what a grease pencil is called: *serious whisper* What are you??

Student 1: That’s it, Scott’s finally lost it
Student 2: Huh what happened to the professor?
Student 3: I dunno one minute he was talking to his pencil and the next we new he’d jumped off the roof. Guess he just snapped or something.

Scott, staring at a crayon after making a mistake: I trusted you!

Student 1, snickering: An epic betrayal
Student 2: You just come home one day and the crayon is hanging out with a pen in your desk drawer
Student 1: Scandalous

Scott: It’s a clansman hat
Student: No it’s a witch’s hat
Scott: N… no it’s not
Student: Look it’s almost Halloween and you painted it with a color called moonglow it is a witch’s hat. 

Student 1: Wait, we’re not modern art?”
Student 2: Nope, modern art ended years ago. We’re contemporary
Student 1: So like 20 years from now, we’ll still be contemporary art?
Scott, sarcastically: Oh no probably not. We’ll be Neon-Post-Self-Inflective-Contemporary-Modernism or something.”

Student 1: Oral hygiene? I thought you said moral hygiene.
Student 2: Just imagine a billboard with toothpaste but “MORALS” plastered across the toothpaste tube.
Student 3: Or like the really extra Axe Body Spray commercials but with moral parables tacked onto them
Someone in the back of the room: MORAL HYGIENE *body spray noises*

Student 1: Wait you’re painting with salt?
Scott: Yeah, where should I put it do you think?
Student 1: Ohmigod put it all in one place.
Someone in the back of the room: *loud gasp* salt bomb? SALT BOMB.

And then my personal favorite, after the demo was finally over:

Class: *complete silence*
Scott: It’s… so quiet in here now….
Student: That’s because we’re working.
Scott, pretending to tear up: So what, you guys don’t like me anymore?!
Student: OHMIGOD 

Inktober 02/10/16 - Ice Scream

My second Halloween-themed Inktober illustration! This odd cat is most certainly a witch’s familiar. 
Like the previous drawing, it was made using black, orange, purple and white ink, as well as technical and artist pens.
Ma seconde illustration à thème pour Inktober ! Ce chat un peu étrange est certainement le familier d’une sorcière.
Comme le précédent, le dessin a été réalisé à l’aide d’encre noire, orange, violette et blanche, ainsi que des stylos techniques et feutres.

The city that my players recently found themselves in has some harsh ways of punishing folks. They found this guy about to be thrown into a sinkhole outside the desert and bought him after a few minutes of failing to assault the guard (the player just gently felt the guards abs and then breezed his face with a soft force push).

His name is Avox and he’s a Chibido, which in this world are a race of intensely complacent slaves. He has been told to call his new master friend, which definitely means master in the players language ^-^ definitely ^-^

He’s also bought him an armband with a hidden blade so that he isn’t useless :)