artistic wolf pup

Drew babies to try and lift my spirits a tiny bit~ I discussed possible fanbabies with my gal pal a while back and wanted to speculate on what the rest of them looked like through art~

Bea, as some of my followers know, is Savvy and Bendy’s child, but I also wanted to introduce Haley and Boris’ wolf pups, Reese and Bailey, along with Caleb and Alice’s little baby angel, Allison~

I planned to draw Boris watching the twins with Reese hanging onto one of his legs while he feeds Bailey, so keep your eyes open for that~ X3 It’s sure to be fun to draw~


❄️Couldn’t resist the urge to paint a cute wolf pup, so I made a matching Jon Snow piece to go with Daenerys!❄️ Prints are available at

Please note the husband and I are heading on vacation so last day to order is May 28th, all other orders will be shipped on June 11th when we are back! 󾬏