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We’re currently wrapping up the last episode, so I guess today is “officially” my last day animating for Penn Zero⚡️⚡️

It’s been almost a year now and I had an absolute blast animating for season 2 ✨💖

So here’s a quick sketch of my favorite part-time sidekick 💕💪🏼🙌🏼

Request: For the request thing // some junpei please??? either 999 or ztd please, tysm!!!

Requested by: @morphogeneticlamentation

Thank you so much for your request!!! I’m in LOVE with Zero Escape and I always be super happy to draw something about that. I wasn’t sure at first who I wanted to draw, but then I remembered that I love too much 999 and 999 Junpei’s so cute, he was still innocent. I hope you like it!

Request are still OPEN! Feel free to send me an ask or PM me! (Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates/Heroes, ZE Trilogy and Danganronpa.)

Inktober - Day 17
« Nightmare time »

How do you spend a Halloween without talking about Nightmare before Christmas ? One of my favorite movies that I wanted to mix with Adventure Time (yeah .. I’m a little bit addicted to this series ..). So Jack, Sally and Zero become Finn, PB and Jack for tonight. Time to dance !

©Laura Marcuet


This game both saved and ruined my life. But it’s still the best game I ever played.

Idk how to feel abt this drawing, I wasn’t going to post it since I was just trying new brushes but.. eh //shrugs// 

999 Kanny is the best Kanny.png

Inktober # 7

Based on the prompt, Sword we have our favorite long haired Maverick hunter, Zero!

Really wanted to play around with my makers and some poses, plus I always love his giant lazer sword hahah
I’m pretty happy with how some of the colours came out

Also a gift to @alekuzu, they helped me get back into megaman and don’t worry, Maverick hunter love is coming up Soon!


WHAT UP GUYS? Penn Zero is officially airing and I am SO EXCITED that I drew myself as a Penn character. You should totally do one too, it’s fun! :D

Animating on this show has been an amazing experience so far. If you haven’t caught the Penn episodes yet, I hope you do - it’s nothing like you’ve seen animated for TV before! BAM excitement

also Rippen and Larry are the best ever for ever and ever
You heard it here first