artistic tattoos

tattoo artist! luke would have met you when you came into his shop, quite hesitant and nervous. Your hands would be shaking since you absolutely dreaded the pain the needle would cause.

Luke would smile at your nerves, offering you a drink and a speech before you had your tattoo done. He’d sit down beside you, resting his large ink covered hand over your shaking ones. He’d give your hand a light squeeze, “Just talk to me. I’ll listen. Just complain, bitch, scream all you want.. Do anything that’ll get your mind off the needle.” He let out a chuckle as he heard you giggle softly.

After hearing you laugh and slowly relax, he’d hold your hand gently as he leads you over to his station. Getting all the colours set out, the needle warmed up and the stencil where he’d gently place against the designated area where your first artwork would forever be displayed. 

“Remember what i said, if you need to scream, curse at me, do it. I won’t hold you back.. Just do whatever you need,” He reminded you once again before he went to his work. Gently wiping off the excess ink, and going over it with the needle. Hearing you whine softly before talking to him. You’d bring up how you’ve seen his work before and how you were inspired by some of his designs.

Luke would definitely be a little cocky after hearing that a beautiful girl like yourself had seen some of his pieces. However he’d continue the conversation and quite soon the tattoo was forgotten, you were so into the conversation with Luke that the time had flown by so quickly.

Both of you were laughing, joking and talking about everything as if you were the best of friends. After he was done he’d gently clean the area and apply a cream over the fresh ink while applying something over it in order to keep it sealed from bacteria. 

Luke would help you off the bench, and he’d smile. Before shyly asking for your number, dying to see you again.

And he did.