artistic tattoos

I loved my makeup yesterday 😄 Lipstick is Kat Von D Beauty ‘Excorcism’, I’m absolutely loving a dark lip at the moment 💄First time trying House of Lashes falsies too, this style is called 'iconic’ 👀


So here we are! Original pic made in 2015.
2 years of improvement, focus, knowledge and perseverance.
I don’t believe in talent or having a gift but i do believe in having a drive and passion working towards goals, bettering yourself and your skills ;)

And as always, prints are available on request. A4 size at £8

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Okay, so I know tattoos weren't very common during the 1940s, but I remember seeing this flash sheet once that was like "old war tattoos". it got me thinking about the goy video and frank (im a sucker for frank). so i imagined soldier!frank with all of the tattoos as usual, and him dating the reader. most of his ink came from their work. idk, its a weird concept. random idea i had the other nighr -J

Yes! Like the reader would do the tattoos out of their house somehow, because let’s face it especially if the reader was a girl it would be hard to them to fit in with traditional tattoo parlours… And like every time Frank comes home from work Y/N has new tattoo sheets and he’s just like “I want all of these”

So I ended up doing more with that tattoo artist/florist au lol….

Bitty’s has Moomaw’s apple pie recipe on his back. Lardo’s tats are half secret, but the first one she ever got were vampire marks on her neck when she was sixteen - she was going through a phase. She and Bitty have dots on their forearms for every year they’ve been friends.
Shitty’s family owns a chain of flower shops, one of which he works in with his awkward buddy Jack. They are both smitten with the punks across the street.