artistic resin


Progress of the start to finish of my glowing crystal dragon Voth- part of my degree show fantasy installation! Sculpted in clay, moulded in silicone and cast in fiberglass and resin. Finished with acrylic paint, powder pigments, milliput details and installed with programmed pulsing LED lighting inside!


Pod :: Sculpture :: 7/2017

Resin, Clay, Acrylic, Wood

20w x 8.5h x 7.25d

Pod is made up up six sculpted and painted blue whales (five adults and one calf) swimming and frolicking through resin ‘water’. They are suspended above a poplar wood ‘sea floor’ to give the viewer a chance to see the whales from all angles- both above and below water.

Each adult whale is slightly longer than a quarter and their disk of water is roughly 2.25″ in diameter.

Do not repost.


Knight Blooms are now available for preorder ( )

Carrying a magical rose from a mysterious garden, this little adventurer is here to accompany you on all your journeys.

1.75" tall, cast in resin and hand painted
Includes 2 resin rose accessories

I’ll be shipping them in March, but may be able to get some orders sent earlier :D


“Im a boy” necklace i just made!! I want to create cute stuff like this so people can feel validated wearing stereotypically “”“"girly”“” fashion. In the future i will be making “its a girl” and gender neutral stuff as well!! I hope that everyone can feel comfortable in their presentation wearing whatever style they want!! ✨also i will be bringing back the pronoun pins so please follow for updates!


Some in progress unicorns. One is a new one, and the other is my slow destruction of an old sculpture that I hated and wanted to re-work. 

I’m debating on colours for these, I think the new unicorn I will do in a rose dapple grey. I want to make the other palomino, only because I got this gorgeous mohair a few years ago that is off white and can only really work on a palomino. 

I’m trying to work on sculpting more, and setting aside time every week or twice a month to do so. 

thanks for looking!


♥ You make my Mind go NEBULOUS ♥ par Koala Krash

Yay! It’s finished!
I used a remnant of leather from a previous project to dictate the size and shape. From there, I took a hollow resin eye (which I had previously made), designed a circuit board to fit (with LED plus button motor), then padded it all with silicone and rubber stripping.

Put this in a pocket, hang it from a belt loop, or wear it as a necklace pendant.

It squishes, it vibrates, it clicks, it lights,
To play with it has been a delight!
Field Test Time! 🐢