artistic piano

The composer you find easiest to play says a lot about your personality.
  • Bach: You have a long attention span and are able to multi-task with ease.
  • Mozart: You are polite and cheery. You lead a balanced life.
  • Beethoven: You are a bit dramatic, sometimes bipolar, but despite all this you are a trend-setter
  • Chopin: There is more to you than meets the eye.
  • Liszt: You like to be the center of attention.
  • Brahms: You think deeply and have a beautiful soul.
  • Debussy: You are creative and like to think outside the box.


I think the reason as to why I’ve been drawing stars is because I keep wanting to count each of them with you. I tear apart a paper carton just to turn it into art like the way that you look at me makes me feel a little less than skin and bones, and a little more like tenderly painted brushstrokes. I think the reason as to why I keep drawing something new is because I keep running out of words to explain myself to you, so here’s another way your gaze makes me feel– like a pianist playing a brand new piano.