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A 17-year old Frida Kahlo poses for a family photo wearing a traditional gentleman’s 3-piece suit, 1924


a comic about growing up a queer filipino artist in america

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Here’s my piece for @splat2zine ! It’s such an honour to be part of this charity zine with so many incredible artists!

I love just relaxing and hanging out in Inkopolis Square after a long splat session, so I wanted to capture that feeling. I’ve already sunk 225+ hours into Splatoon 2 omg.

Process shots on my instagram.

I meant to have a post for Halloween yesterday but every fall as the weather changes and the air dries out I have to battle with my paints until I set up my humidifier, so my Halloween painting got scrapped.  Oh well.  Here’s an autumn bunny for you on this first day of November!

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed


there is so much of you i want to know, i feel as if i’ve made a new discovery from the very first hello. you write like my favorite writer and i wish you were all sweet and less pain, but i know life will never be easy for people like us. but deep writing, because you are poetry, even if you know it or not.

ig: poeticamenteflor

Photographer Charles Clyde Ebbets, 1930s.