artistic kids

It’s the responsibly of educators to make sure that every kid is exposed to the arts, that they get their shot at being creative because - who knows - the person who cures something like cancer will probably be somebody who thinks like an artist.
—  Susan Stauter, Artistic Director of San Francisco Unified School District

Hey look I have a persona now. His name is Michael

Basically, his hair color is based on the flag that represents my gender, his skin is my favourite color, and he likes to keep slugs in his mouth because… I really like slugs
He most definitely scared the shit out of other kids during elementary school by just dropping slugs out of his mouth



I was in a test weak, so I’m posting more now, VACATIONS ARE COMING YEE

well i found this pic on internet and a artist has made the same than me, so I did it, then u are free to use the first pic, enjoy.

I don’t know what exactly this is but I made it :’D
I even wanted to try backgrounds since I don’t like(or bad at them) to make them ^^“ and I thought why not try something like a sunset. Well I thought and failed -_-” but I still want to post it ^^“

A 17-year old Frida Kahlo poses for a family photo wearing a traditional gentleman’s 3-piece suit, 1924

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed