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Happy 25th Anniversary, Dangerous!

At such moments, Dangerous rises to the impossible challenge set by Thriller, the commercial and artistic juggernaut that will always loom over Michael Jackson’s work. At his best, then and now, the dancer and the dance come together and reveal a man, no longer a man-child, confronting his well-publicized demons and achieving transcendence through performance. What got lost in the uproar over That Video is that, despite his offstage Peter Pan image, Michael Jackson’s finest song and dance is always sexually charged, tense, coiled — he is at his most gripping when he really is dangerous. - Rolling Stone

J is for the Cain Marko as the unstoppable Juggernaut and Erik Josten A.K.A. Evil Powerman A.K.A Atlas kicking it old school by robbing a bank and causing general mayhem and destruction!

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why the fuck  so many followers or mutuals are…

that gets me curious because what counts as “DA Fandom Famous”? aren’t YOU a fandom famous yourself? :O

lol no I’m a perfectly lower mid-tier fandom artist. I’m talking artist and writer juggernauts in popular ships who have over 5k followers and/or the people who can rake in 1-2k+ notes per artwork regularly (or 200+ notes per fic).

I mean, these people have always seemed to be so distant, ever since I recreated this blog from scratch 1.5 years ago, and suddenly there they are, palling it up with people I know or at least vaguely know and it’s giving me whiplash. it’s weird.


I’ve got a few bigger projects going on right now so nothing huge to share but this week I’ve also been doing these quick 5 minute superheroes to warm up/break up my day over on my instagram and twitter. Here are a handful of them based on some of my followers requests 1. Metamorpho 2.Venom 3.Electro 4.Two-Face 5.Swamp Thing 6.Beast Boy 7.Loki 8. Mr Freeze 9.Juggernaut 10.Guardian