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You know, I would have killed to have something like Clexacon when I was younger: a safe and supportive space for fans, artists, actresses, writers, directors, journalists, etc. to gather, discuss, and celebrate LGBT+ media.

What really impresses me the most is that this convention was born from the ashes of one of the most intensely painful wlw deaths on television. I have so much respect and admiration for the Clexa fans who banded together and organized such a positive and unifying event, ultimately bringing in wlw fandoms from across the board (including two of my faves of all time: WayHaught & Shoot).

I expect Clexacon will only continue to grow and flourish in the coming years. And I hope one day my family and I will be able to attend!


I hate this music’s sites. Call Calvin, Mark or Derek. Speculation is for us that we have no commitment or access to artists.


careers for the MC (midheaven) signs
  • *your midheaven sign indicates what your career or "life path" will be and defines your social standing & reputation.
  • Aries MC: seeks self-employment, military, athlete, politics, police force, fire fighter, mechanics, engineering, pilot, architect, medical field
  • Taurus MC: hands-on job, banking, artist, musician, finance, real estate, agriculture, landscaping, business, chef, interior designer
  • Gemini MC: sales, the media, teacher, writer/poet, journalist, artist, musician, interpreter, radio/TV host, fashion designer
  • Cancer MC: teacher, nurse, social worker, artist, pediatrician, counselor, culinary arts, politics, psychologist, historian, architect
  • Leo MC: government, actor, management, film director, CEO, performer, musician, artist, fashion design, teacher, sales
  • Virgo MC: researcher, writer/poet, librarian, farming, healing, teacher, scientist, mathematician, banking, secretary, industrial designer
  • Libra MC: decorator, image consulting, artist, model, entertainment media, judge, counselor, journalist, politics, diplomacy, public policy
  • Scorpio MC: researcher, psychologist, crime investigator, social sciences, police force/military, banker, politician, hypnosis, actor, therapist, lawyer
  • Sagittarius MC: athletics coach, journalist, photographer, filmmaker, actor, writer/poet, pilot, politician, flight attendant, religious positions, teacher
  • Capricorn MC: farming, real estate, accountant, banker, stockbroker, manager, CEO, politician, lawyer, scientist, archeologist
  • Aquarius MC: social work, activist, astronomer, astrologist, photographer, filmmaker, pilot, scientist, engineering, graphic designer, artist
  • Pisces MC: artist, performer, musician, healer, writer/poet, filmmaker, anything spiritual, veterinarian, coast-guard, psychic, medical assistant

regarding this comment. here’s a public service announcement:

go back to germany in 1935 and tell paul klee, bertolt brecht and the other poets, musicians, painters and novelists that “politics” had nothing to do with their “real lives”.

“life stories…”?
“things about my child….”?

these ARE the stories of my life.

if i thought that donald trump was going to have no effect on my life story…the story of my child…the story of my 300 million american brothers and sisters…i’d shut up. really i would.

it’s a good time to drag this evergreen quote out:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

-from Martin Niemöller, 1892–1984, who was a prominent Protestant pastor / outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

are you ready to speak?
are you ready to listen?

because it’s about to get very, VERY loud.

and it must, because if we don’t speak now, we will regret it.


(and to drive the point home….this was typed and cut and pasted while literally breastfeeding a baby.)

  • friend: hey do you know about marilyn manson?
  • me on the inside: Brian Hugh Warner, born January 5, 1969, known professionally as Marilyn Manson, is an American musician, songwriter, actor, painter, multimedia artist, and former music journalist. He is known for his controversial stage personality and image as the lead singer of the band Marilyn Manson, which he co-founded with Daisy Berkowitz and of which he remains the only constant member. His stage name was formed by juxtaposing the names of two American cultural icons, namely actress Marilyn Monroe and murderer Charles Manson.
  • He is best known for his band's records released in the 1990s, most notably Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals, which along with his public image earned him a reputation in the mainstream media as a controversial figure and an allegedly negative influence on young people.In the U.S. alone, three of the band's albums have been awarded platinum and three more went gold, and the band has had eight releases debut in the top ten, including two number-one albums. Manson has been ranked number 44 in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by Hit Parader, and has been nominated for four Grammy Awards.
  • me on the outside: haha yeah ive heard of him. isnt he a singer?

Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! and Christine Marie Jentoft, activist and Norways Top Trans blogger, just chillin’ outside Rockefeller in Oslo. A transcontinental meeting of two tough trans women.
Photo by BLIKK Magazine’s homopopaganda. The meeting and interview will be published in June in said magazine! (Norway)

Isaak Brodsky - Tired, 1906. From satirical journal “Leshiy” (Wood-goblin).

The Revolution of 1905, sometimes described as “the first Russian Revolution,” was a period of major social, political and cultural upheaval. One of the result of it was unprecedented freedom of public expression that found outlet in the so-called Satirical Journals of 1905-1907. Richly illustrated, the journals represent a collaboration of some of the best artists, writers, journalists, political writers and illustrators of the time. 

Since Putin stole the 2011 election, and the subsequent protest movement was suppressed, the young people who took part in it have retreated into an angry silence. It’s not exactly a new situation for Russian intellectuals. Lenin was arrested here in 1887 for leading a student protest and spent most of the next 30 years in exile or underground. Then the Bolsheviks suppressed free speech and political opposition for another 70 years and Russia’s capitalist oligarchs are doing their best to suppress it now.

In the face of this, why do Russian artists, philosophers and journalists persist in their belief in change? In short, because they have seen the moral and physical collapse of something that once seemed permanent: the Soviet Union.

Apparently, the new definition of “boho” is an excuse to appropriate whichever the fuck culture you feel like. Wikipedia even has an article about boho-chic, “a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences”. Um, NO!

What is a Bohemian?

A Bohemian is a resident of Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic or the former Kingdom of Bohemia. In a wider sense, it refers to residents of the Czech lands or today’s Czech Republic in general. In English, the word “Bohemian” was used to denote the Czech people as well as the Czech language before the word “Czech” became prevalent in the early 20th century.

What is a 19th century Bohemian?

In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. This use of the word bohemian first appeared in the English language in the nineteenth century to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, journalists, musicians, and actors in major European cities.

In 1848, William Makepeace Thackeray used the word bohemianism in his novel Vanity Fair. In 1862, the Westminster Review described a Bohemian as “simply an artist or littérateur who, consciously or unconsciously, secedes from conventionality in life and in art”. During the 1860s the term was associated in particular with the pre-Raphaelite movement.

This is the kind of shit I’m talking about right here:

Kimonos are a traditional Japanese garment. They have nothing to do with the Bohemian movement.

Native American war bonnets are sacred religious items. Here is a great post explaining why you’re a shithead appropriating the culture of an oppressed people when you wear one.

The word beginning with a G on the shirt above is a racial slur against the Romani people. This is the equivalent of making a shirt that says the N word with some pretty flowers around it. During the Porajmos, 220,000 to 500,000 native Romani were exterminated by German Nazis. You might as well wear a shirt that says “I HEART GENOCIDE”.

In summary…

If you are appropriating cultural styles (Native American, Romani, etc) which have 0 relation to Bohemia or 19th century literary movements, you are NOT A BOHEMIAN. PLEASE STOP CALLING YOURSELF ONE AND REFERRING TO YOUR STYLE AS “BOHO”.

Note: Most of the text above was sourced from Wikipedia. Thanks to @dysfunctional-nick for the Romani info.


College AU: Artist Kara and her journalist girlfriend Cat

“What do you want to be?” I asked her on a day when she wore red and the rain outside hung on the tips of her hair.

She strayed her eyes from the window and looked at me with those eyes that always reminded me of summer. Green. Warm. Bright.

“A lot.”


She smiled devilishly and took a sip from her coffee, making me wait as if she didn’t know I loved watching the stain of coffee on her red lips or the mark she left behind on the rim of the cup.

“I want people to look at me and say, ‘She’s just too much.’ Too smart. Too pretty. Too successful. A lot.” She quirked an eyebrow and challenged me with her mouth, twisting it to the side and making me forget the day was cold and rainy and dark.

She always made me forget the world was anything but warm.

“And you? What does Kara Danvers want to be? To do?”

“I want to be the person to document you. I’m going to show the world how big you are.” I didn’t hesitate in my answer.

My fingers were stained with charcoal as I drummed them against the table to keep from touching her. She hated when I got her hands dirty.

“What if I don’t know you by then?” Her eyes shone brighter and she leaned forward, her blonde hair falling gently from her shoulders.

“You will.” I nodded, smiling widely when she rolled her eyes.

“But how do you know?” She kept asking me questions she already knew the answer to.

“I just do,” I said, committing to memory how she looked down to my hands and reached to tangle her fingers with mine.

Our hands were stained and her hair was long and I had a class in twenty minutes when she said, “I’ll hold you to that, Danvers,” and promised me forever.

baileyyyyrae  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you had any kinda long FINISHED fanfics that are really good? I've already read wisteria and others but I am absolutely dying because there's no finished ones. Please hellllpppppp.

Home by FluteFluffWrites

Summary: Marco is a cake decorator for a family friend’s bakery. His career was vastly improving and he had yet to get further. However, on the day of his sister’s birthday, he got brutally hit in a car accident and lost the ability to store new memories day after day.
Two years later, an artist moves into town named Jean Kirschtein. He paints the scenery of Miami, and he longs to be committed into a relationship. One day he meets Marco while he works at the bakery, and both of their lives are changed forever.

Oblivion by Southspinner

Summary: In which Jean Kirschtein is a self-proclaimed pretentious douchebag with an abiding love for metaphors and unlit cigarettes, Marco Bodt is an obscure novel addict who realizes that everything is a side effect of dying, and the two of them fall into what is not so much a story about cancer as a story about love, because everyone knows that cancer books suck. [The Fault In Our Stars AU]

The Meaning of Partner by Sumeidi

Summary: Marco Bodt is a member of the Shiganshina Research and Development Agency’s ‘special jobs’ unit know as the Corps. He’s never had a partner that fit. Jean is the unwanted adopted son of a powerful business tycoon who has been handed to Erwin on a silver platter. The two of them must work together to form a bond for sake of the team, but will they work out their differences or will misunderstandings and mishaps tear them apart?

Take Me To The Riot by KuroRiya

Summary: Marco has always been intrigued by Jean, the school’s resident punk. But it’s always been a fearful, and distant, admiration. When the school system and Marco’s kind nature forces them together, he’s surprised how normal the once enigmatic boy turns out to be. And he’s interested to see how Jean will change him, and vise versa.Or the one where a punk and a nerd become boyfriends and kiss a bunch and do naughty things and everyone is gay except Sasha and Connie.

Shingeki no College by universepunk

Summary: Socially inept, Jean goes through college without dealing with anyone unless he absolutely has to. This year, he meets Marco, a friendly guy who helps him become a bit more approachable. Jean soon discovers there’s more to Marco than his friendly disposition leads people to believe. Crazy nights, house parties, extreme dodgeball, and drunken make out sessions will ensue. Rated M.

You Don’t Know The Halfa It by DeiRyuu

Summary: Marco’s dealt with ghosts all his life. It came with being the son of paranormal investigators living in the most haunted city in the country. The last thing he’d expected, however, was to become one himself.Or half one at least.Now he must learn to how to control his newfound powers while discovering that there may be more to Trost’s hauntings than meets the eye.

Once Then, Twice Again by Yukine

Summary: Angels only come when they think you are sleeping. A boarding school AU 

A Little Faith by Fleckofpoppy

Summary: Jean is a music snob at a record store; Marco is back in Trost after a nervous breakdown from an Ivy League. After being best friends at bible camp ten years before, they meet each other again. Jean swears a lot. Marco blushes. Reiner and Bertolt encourage Jean while also having fun. This fic has a lot of smut and a lot of feels.

They Radiate Like Stars by FarseersCreed

Summary: When he was almost fifteen, Marco was in an accident that cost him an arm and an eye. Years later, in college, he meets Jean, the first person who sees him as a person, instead of the missing limb and the scars. And it’s great. Really, it’s great. And as for Jean? Well, he’s never had a friend quite like Marco, either.

Canvas by LensMind

Summary: Jean Kirschtein is well-known thanks to two factors: first, his reluctance to attend his own art shows, and second, the beautiful freckled man who appears in every single one of his pieces. Unnamed and unknown, the man sits on the edge of all Jean’s thoughts.Then Marco Bodt appears. A journalist desperate to write about Jean’s art. Marco Bodt… who bares a remarkable resemblance to Jean’s freckled man…

Blurring The Lines by PinkGloom

Summary: AU High School. Jean is considered the lone wolf and Marco is the boy who is ‘friends’ with everyone without actually being their friend. When Jean rescues Marco from some bullies, it sparks a friendship that could become so much more.

Make Your Siren’s Call by crunchrapsupreme

Summary: Jean Kirschstein is a veterinarian. Marco Bodt is a firefighter. They meet under very….. cliché circumstances, and Jean tries not to fall too hard, but Marco is the epitome of everything Jean never knew he wanted.It turns out saving kittens from trees isn’t this firefighter’s only talent, and Jean learns the hard way that falling in love isn’t such a bad thing after all.

In addition to the ones in this post- Mod J


Discussed: Witnessing the emperor naked, travelling the world, getting arrested at Occupy Wall Street, drawing protestors and prisoners, sex workers and refugees, and learning to erase the line between writing and drawing.

In a fierce PEN DIY talk titled “How to Draw the Elephant in the Room,” artist, activist, and journalist Molly Crabapple wove a story of a lifetime of rebellion and art, beginning with how she got into trouble at school, worked as a “naked girl for hire” in lieu of getting a desk job - an experience that sharpened her artistic gaze and output - and ending with seeing her art go from sketchpad to protest sign during the Occupy Wall Street movement, and committing herself to drawing and writing about the disappeared.