artistic initiative

gentle request to artists and designers

In case you haven’t seen the post announcing the GRSHN’s new initiative “Spread Shirts, Spread Help” - gentle reminder is now selling shirts, and all proceeds are being donated to charity!

However, these shirts need to be designed, and who better to design them than the community that has bought the blog to this point and given us this opportunity? So if you would like to help charity by donating a simple, positive, gentle reminder based design to sell, please contact us at and we can get your design on the redbubble store as soon as possible to help charity! You will be completely credited for your work, and thanked on our ‘contributing artists’ page of our website. Feel free to also contact the network if you have any questions!

Even if you can’t design anything, or if you can’t afford a shirt, please spread this post around to anyone who you think will be interested! 

Thank you so much, and I hope you have a lovely day. 

Additional note: You have to be 16 years old or over in order to donate your design; my apologies if this inconveniences or saddens anyone, however thank you so much for your interest!

I’m bugging out rn I apparently won an illustration award from my school and they emailed me today saying my award money is in the mail????

I don’t wanna say how much but it’s enough to get me a whole new workspace like new laptop, tablet, and a desk imma cry

yknow i really love seeing all the different ideas the fandom has for phoenix and miles’ wedding, but i can never get into headcanons that suggest they’ll have a small, unassuming wedding (excepting a small guestlist, of course, i mean there’s no denying miles’ preference for keeping his emotions hidden from all but the closest to him, and the fact that he and phoenix don’t actually know that many people who you would actually want at your wedding lmao) because, i mean, LOOK AT THESE GUYS

miles has an EXTRA STRENGTH FULL THROTTLE commitment to an extremely over-the-top aesthetic to the point where he carries a spare cravat everywhere he goes - hell he puts cravats on his dog - and was wearing a bowtie on a daily basis from the age of nine, he keeps flowers from an admirer he’s seriously uncomfortable with because he thinks they suit his office, speaking of suits, he’s framed his old suit jacket, probably owns a three thousand dollar wedgeworth tea set, had a chess set custom made just so he could passive-aggressively make fun of phoenix, yells things like “NGHOOOOOH” in a courtroom when something mildly surprising happens and just generally takes everything ridiculously seriously

phoenix was either a shakespearian actor or artist initially, and either way you look it it, he’s clearly still a very over the top kinda guy. he changed his whole career path just to make sure someone he hadn’t seen in nearly 2 decades was still on the right side of justice, gets teary-eyed when dessie tells him how she met her husband, effectively adopts every orphan he meets, won’t stop showing absolutely everyone anything of importance to him (no matter how often the player presents his attorney’s badge, its still canon he showed everyone dollie’s necklace a thousand times a day), calls his mentor back from the dead when he needs help at work and runs across a burning bridge over a deadly chasm when he thinks his best friend is in danger


they don’t get married until like three years after their engagement because they just could not decide which venue had the best aesthetic PLUS most meaning to them, they get in like a seven hour fight over whether they should wear tie + cravat or both be in bowties, miles is in a florist holding pantone swatches up to fifty three different varieties of the same kind of flower because everything has to be the exact same shade of purple, trucy gets her dove-supplier to release like a hundred doves at the wedding and miles is just super worried abt getting bird poop on his tux (and also he’s extremely touched), phoenix develops a new menu every week, miles writes an hour long speech and then can’t even deliver it because he’s getting so emotional, phoenix accidentally gets a single crumb on his pure-white tuxedo the day before his wedding and feels his soul leave his body because he has officially ruined everything for miles forever thanks to this one crumbly sandwich, franziska shows up on a horse (that wasn’t even a part of the plan. no one else is on a horse. she just always wanted to do that.), phoenix starts crying at 6am the day of the wedding and doesn’t really stop until halfway through the honeymoon, maya organises for a bunch of medium acolytes to come and channel important dead people like greg and mia at the ceremony and miles nearly has a heart attack for fifteen different reasons (one of which being that he doesn’t have matching suits and dresses for these guests from beyond the grave), $900 wedding night lingerie  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), miles doesn’t even like the flavour of cake they’ve chosen he just wants it to look good, they spend so long arguing over what song their first dance should be to they debate getting an entirely new song written (but the only person they know who could do that is klavier and that is Not Happening), and it is, without a doubt, the best day of their whole lives.