artistic fusion

So I finally completed my fusion chart project. The Top right is my OC Myra and she was drawn by @tinyplebbles, next at the bottom is Nu who belongs to and was drawn by @thebikupan, followed by the top left who is @lazyhydrasblog OC Zuanshi. Myra and Nu make Myu, who was drawn by @rule46redrex. Nu and Zuanshi created Nuanshu, drawn by @shiftbait. Zuanshi plus Myra resulted into Myrashi, drawn by @zerojigoku. And lastly we have the combination of all 3 merged together into Murasui, who was drawn by @punipawsart. Thank all of you for you’re incredible work as well as letting me use your OC’s.

I couldn’t tell you how I forgot about this piece. It’s one of the first ones I finished and saved to my iPad in the first 3weeks of work.

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