artistic colors

I’ve had to delete all my previous drawings that don’t have watermarks on them because of art thieves so I’m reposting them with watermarks!

Black is Gold

they steal her curls.
they steal her fro.
they steal her features,
and become her clone

they take her style
then claim it as their own,

she has built their mask
she has become their mold,
they leave her blackness
and the gold within her soul



Uploading a bunch of artwork I finished for Global Game Jam last month! Our team worked on a rhythm game that revealed a story as the screen moves horizontally across panels :> Realized that they kinda look like comic panels so there :V

This is only…20% of the total art. And I had to illustrate everything in under 48 hours ; ____ ; I got sick for a couple days after that game jam OTL BUT IT WAS FUN

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