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Baby blasters in onesies~

Another amazing perler set designed by the super talented @mnstrcndy! These were so much fun to make; the Gaster Blaster AU is one of my favorite things to come from Undertale! Thank you, MC, for the design  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Embroidery Artist:

Amy Jones

“New Zealand Tui Bird Mask Embroidery”

inch Hoop Art by Cheese Before Bedtime

“I have a thing for birds. Especially these shimmering beauties, the New Zealand native ‘Tui’. Its call is sweet and they are known for their fluffy tuft of feathers on their neck.

This is an original Cheese Before Bedtime piece. The mask only is hand stitched with attention to realistic details.

- 4 inch size hoop
- Outlines printed onto fabric in Charcoal
- Natural Seeded background fabric in Cream
- Mask hand stitched in Greens, Black, Brown and Cream
- Signed on back
- Lightweight
- Ready to hang from thread and wooden bead
- Great gift for New Zealand fans or bird lovers.”

Oh my gosh! 😲 Look at what I got in the mail!  💌 It’s a giant Perler-bead fanart of Loki! 🐶💖 I am so blown away right now! 😍❤ It’s like I’m seeing double lol 😆 What an amazing present and I LOVE it! 💗😁 Thank you so much Renee! 😄😙💞💕💟