ArtistDex Entry #002: Black

Today the ArtistDex has expanded by one! I commissioned something silly I’ve had in my head for ages from Black, the creator of the Black Adventures webcomic; I had always thought this joke would go well with the Black Adventures style. This will be posted on Black’s dA eventually, but you saw it here on FYPV first! :)

Click to make all the images bigger simultaneously (at least, that’s how it works on my browser). Also, for anyone who might not know, this is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

More ArtistDex stuff! Entry #007 is a pre-Galactic Jupiter getting ready for a night on the town after work, done by the wonderful Auds (more of whose work you can see HERE). Jupiter gets the least fan-love of the three main Galactics, I think, and it’s a shame.

Jupiter intrigues me because she seems a bit older than her companions, like in her late 20s/early 30s versus the early 20s of Saturn and Mars. I can imagine Saturn and Mars having joined Team Galactic early enough in their lives for them to not have had professional identities before then, but Jupiter looks old enough to where I can’t imagine her not having had some kind of prior career or identity…albeit one she obviously wasn’t satisfied with, since she signed on with Team Galactic. Who was she before, and what drew her to Cyrus and his organization? I wonder.

ArtistDex entry #003 is in–this time a drawing of Aqua Admin Matt by the lovely Kynim! Check out her Tumblr or her deviantART account (which includes her ongoing White Nuzlocke comic).

I’ve always wanted to see a piece of art of Matt looking more or less like his sprite (beer gut, orangey hair, etc.) and this just nails it. Matt, I’m sorry no one likes you. It’s not your fault you don’t have a personality. Hopefully you’ll get one in the maybe-someday-if-we’re-all-really-good RSE remakes.

(Check the ArtistDex tag to see all the other art I’ve commissioned in the past. If you’re interested in potentially getting a commission from me, drop me a line! I won’t promise anything, but hey, I can’t consider commissioning you if I don’t even know you’re alive.)

Entry #10 in the ongoing ArtistDex project is up! This campy cover for the Hunter J vs. Mewtwo comic miniseries that exists only in my dreams (sob) was done marvelously by Wil Brendel, who illustrates The Redeemers series for Lonely Robot Comics. If you listen to It’s Super Effective!, you’ll also know him as “Artist Wil” who writes the Ability of the Week column on the website. Check out some of his other work on dA!

(And as for the obvious question, “Why doesn’t Mewtwo just make her head explode?”, the answer is, “SHUT UP, THIS IS AWESOME.”)

Another ArtistDex update for you guys tonight! This time it’s a lovely Madame Boss done by Colleen Clark, whose Tumblr gallery is HERE. Female villains FTW!

For those not aware, “Madame Boss” is anime!Giovanni’s mother (and the former head of Team Rocket); she appeared in only one extremely obscure place–the first part of a five-part CD drama called “The Birth of Mew” that was only ever released in Japan. It’s so old at this point that most Japanese fans probably aren’t aware of it, either! If you’re interested, you can read a full, professional translation of “The Birth of Mew” HERE.