For me, the thing that resonated about Moana the most was that notion of a calling, of something that you’d be doing if no one was looking. You’d be doing it if no one cared. For Moana, that’s the ocean. Every path on her island leads her back to the ocean, and it’s not that she doesn’t like where she lives. She loves her family. She loves her island. She loves her way of life. And yet there’s still this calling.

That resonated with me, as someone who was always writing, always creating and always writing songs, even though the common sense is ‘don’t go into the arts.’ They tell you - the odds are very long and if you’re Latino it’s even harder. But I just kept walking toward the water.

@DisneyMusic: See how @Lin_Manuel discovered #Moana’s inner voice in “How Far I’ll Go,” nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards.


Fire Elemental 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

• tied up/tired up •

the past few months have been tiring and i have, quite often, felt like i was tied up by my own feelings and thoughts. i still do, but a little bit less. this ink drawing was made during those weird days, when  i felt like i was tangled by my own senses and suffocated by the outside world.  the start of this year has been a little hectic but now i feel like i have a lot of things to look forward in 2017, and i hope you do too!

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GAHHH! I have never drawn NaruHina before since I was never a fan
But ever since these cuties got their wedding ceremony in the new episodes, I just had to draw this!the look
Hm, I still don’t know if I truly support NaruHina but yeah….a wedding deserves fan art!

SceneHeart : Since the gang made a ‘congratulations for the wedding’ video for Naruto and Hinata, the new Uzumaki couple decided to make a video to show their gratitude post-marriage

This art is mine and Naruto belongs to Masahi Kishimoto


I’m loving the crap out of this wip I’m working on for Kili and Tauriel, a digital painting, in a pretty literal way as it is inspired by traditional paintings and I’m using a very oil-like technique for the painting, no rendering at all, and it is very fun! 😁🌟

Let me know what you think, Id love to know if you guys want me to finish this! ☺❤

(And it’s my first photoshop painting since summer so I’m very unsure about it but it’s very fun!)

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