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thank you for drawing human angelus from time to time she is my waifu and your art is really good too i love you so much

Funny thing you mention her, I was just drawing her the other day.

Glad to meet a man of culture like yourself as well, thanks.

Imagine #27

Imagine your best friends, Fred and George, find out about your secret relationship with Draco

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What’s For Sale: The villagers listed in the picture. ORIGINAL. Merengue, Marshal, Julian, Beau, Zucker, Ankha, Tia, Marina.
Looking For: Nothing! I’m giving them away for free!
URL@ningyo-crossing (it’s empty bc I made it specifically for this)
Friend Code: 4270-4939-7364
Note: Hi, it’s me, Ningyo, again! This time, instead of items, I’m giving away villagers! Tell me which of these villagers you want and I’ll give them to you!
I can trade a villager to multiple people, so no need to ask if a villager is still available! It will take me some time to help everyone so please be patient.

Tumblr, Please Welcome Your New President, Donald Smug

He’s going to Make America Smug Again © while crushing the hopes and dreams of SJWs everywhere.