January 1, 2017


by MTO

In 2013–2014 French artist Mateo, aka MTO, took a road trip across the U.S. from Miami to Los Angeles, painting a mural in each of the cities he visited along the way. Gasa Gasa, a popular live music venue on Freret in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, was the lucky recipient of one of these works, sponsored by club owner Micah Burns, and reportedly completed in just one day. Known for his largely grayscale photorealistic portraits, this work was part of a series of works titled “OTO”, presumably a reference to the “T” painted in the middle of a pair of sunglasses, spelling out “oTo.” It is also common for MTO’s work to include a philosophical book and in this case one of the characters is singing through a copy of La Chute (The Fall) by Albert Camus, a book described by Jean-Paul Sartre as “perhaps the most beautiful and the least understood” of Camus’ works. @mtograff  @gasa_gasa  @scenesfromthesidewalk


If going by Skids’ “Three Minute Life Expectancy”, it would have been common for M.T.Os to be created and pushed into an active battle within 24 hours.

So it is most likely that Brainstorm is one of those. That he was thawed and thrust into an active battle so shortly after coming online. And there he actively made the decision not to kill anyone face to face, which already makes him a helluva lot different from several other M.T.Os.

Angelic Pretty Brilliant Princess Story Dress Set

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