idk I see a lot of people laughing about eleven just ignoring max upon first meeting out of jealousy, but tbh??? I hated it.

Max literally lives with an abusive stepdad and brother, and when she finally thought she made some friends, Mike acts all cold to her. And then they’ve been through all this shit, and she’s starting to think Mike is warming up to her, but he’s still cold. And then eleven comes back, and she’s all excited to meet her and she also acts cold toward her? She doesn’t know what the hell she did to this girl, right? I feel so fucking bad for her and I was so mad at el in that scene. I now she’s a bit emotionally immature sometimes, but like…. really? Max was treated horribly this season by all the characters (except lucas tbh I love him) and she deserves so much better. I hope she gets her own arc and I hope they let her into the party next season.

Max is my girl and she deserves to be happy. 

Dustin: Don’t you wish your girlfriend was-

Mike: You know my girlfriend died do-