Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz (covered here) recently teamed up with Chilean artist INTI to create a new mural for O.Bra Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their mural, which took over 1 week to complete, blends the two artist’s distinct imagery: Diaz’s detailed and crosshatched line work with colorful under layers, and INTI’s subjects inspired by life, death and religion, particularly Christianity. It features a surreal split-image of a skeletal robed woman, crowned with flowers and holding up a mechanical-like heart. 

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Street artist - INTI, born in Valparaíso, Chile takes his name from the Incan sun god and the Quechua word for ‘the Sun’ as homage to his Chilean roots.

His colossal murals pulse with the bright colours of a Latin carnival and the mysterious energy of Ancient South American culture. However, his work still remains fine, controlled and technically dazzling. With a warm orange glow, the murals often contain themes of life, death, ancient religion and Christianity, all drawn together with one or two strange characters. 

Although the strong sense of Latin culture can be felt with INTI’s paintings, he has become an ambassador of South American street art worldwide. via Street Art Bio

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Inti & Alexis Diaz



“Mural terminado junto a mi hermano ALEXIS DIAZ @alexis_diaz
Gran experiencia de compartir este muro con uno de mis artistas favoritos..
Mural para el festival O-BRA en Sao Paulo, Brasil.Mural done in collaboration with my good friend ALEXIS DIAZ @alexis_diaz
Great experience sharing this wall with one of my favorites artist.
Mural for O-BRA Festival, Sao Paulo, Brasil.”