I had a dream last night that they made a new Bond movie, but they didn’t say who was playing Bond. Throughout the movie you have no idea which character is really Bond, because he’s undercover, duh. And every single character, no matter how minor, was played by somebody famous, so they could all conceivably be Bond. And at the end it turns out Bond was Leslie Jones.

I think the thing that kills me with a lot of people’s reactions to Atomic Blonde is that they are dismissive of it as “mediocre”, “too convoluted” and “not connective as a character driven film”. But like, how many Bond films are they willing to watch? How many John Wick films? How many male-based action films are out there right now? And of those how many achieved the full scale realistic badassery achieved by Atomic Blonde? It’s a spy movie, I walked in expecting a convoluted plot line with a ton of fighting. And I got Charlize Theron doing all of her own stunts in a brutal smackdown of the men who wanted to stop her in a fast paced, well directed, visually stunning film with an amazing soundtrack. AND she was Bisexual.
Looking at the discrepancies between the reviews for Atomic Blonde and the Bond films, I can’t help but think that some people are factoring in the gender of the leads. To their detriment and the industries honestly.