Art trade with the ever lovely, cool-as-blue Dimisfit! I wish I could have spent longer on this, but alas, life chugs on regardless and I have to keep up with it somehow.

Happy chrimble and many merry One Piece feelings bro! Keep drawing the awesome things you do I always love seeing your work on my dash :D

A record breaking-ly late birthday gift for the lovely Diana (dimisfit)! I feel like I’m like….several months late now? HAHA. Anyway! Thank you for being such an inspiration and an all around nice person! This is also a thank you for participating in so many of my zine projects too ahhh! ;__; I can’t wait to learn more about Vincent and Victoria! (And I had a blast drawing them!!)

i’m so tired of seeing shipping hate in the Kakasaku tag.

First, guys: it’s an anime. Like a tale, or a book. They’re not real so please! nobody is dying ‘cause of this.

Two, be respectful. I do understand you don’t like a pairing, and it’s ok, but stop making hating posts or sending messages to artists who draw things u don’t like. It’s just a matter of taste. Maybe you don’t like chocolate ice cream but you’re not being bullied about that: it’s the same.

I’m a kakasaku shipper and i KNOW that it will never be canon. But I like it anyway. Respect me as I respect you that you like whatever u want.

Stop being childish about this. I’m so sure u have better things to do than sending those kind of post. Use your time searching for what you like instead of forcing others like what you do.

In the Mood

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIMI!! You are an amazing person with an amazing talent! You are incredibly inspiring and your art is a pure reflection of that! Your characters are the best and your art is just dreamy and surreal and just everything is so PERFECT - people (such as me) aspire to be every kind of awesome that you are :)

Keep being awesome,


(PS. to know the song I was listening to while I was drawing this, click on the title - mehehe im an oldie)