They could be laughing at:

  • A - The tragic loss of Sasuke’s duck butt hair
  • B - Sasuke’s tragic fashion choices
  • or C - Sasuke in general

[The answer is D - all of the above + the fact that Sasuke and Naruto was each other’s first kiss (Kakashi never knew this) (he’s dying)]

A record breaking-ly late birthday gift for the lovely Diana (dimisfit)! I feel like I’m like….several months late now? HAHA. Anyway! Thank you for being such an inspiration and an all around nice person! This is also a thank you for participating in so many of my zine projects too ahhh! ;__; I can’t wait to learn more about Vincent and Victoria! (And I had a blast drawing them!!)


I had so many feelings from the latest chapter that I had to draw a comic for my favorite brotp in Naruto. Because Gai is ALIVEEEEE OTL

Set a bit after this picture. I can’t believe I made an AU of a fanart of a fanfic, that’s some crazy FANCEPTION right there!! 

Dedicated to the love of my fandom life Neonanything. You’re the best. THE BEST.

(you might need to click on each image to see it a little better!)