i’m so tired of seeing shipping hate in the Kakasaku tag.

First, guys: it’s an anime. Like a tale, or a book. They’re not real so please! nobody is dying ‘cause of this.

Two, be respectful. I do understand you don’t like a pairing, and it’s ok, but stop making hating posts or sending messages to artists who draw things u don’t like. It’s just a matter of taste. Maybe you don’t like chocolate ice cream but you’re not being bullied about that: it’s the same.

I’m a kakasaku shipper and i KNOW that it will never be canon. But I like it anyway. Respect me as I respect you that you like whatever u want.

Stop being childish about this. I’m so sure u have better things to do than sending those kind of post. Use your time searching for what you like instead of forcing others like what you do.

Well not really but it is a good reason to start some fanart! Admiring fanart has sort of inspired me really. Especially the folks at ksanon. (Psssst, dimi, I love you so much you are my inspiration I can’t even if you acknowledge me I’ll be over the moon asdfgh if it’s too much to ask) also a shoutout to fellow kakasaku shippers, tsukinojen, sunblaze24, ladyofsnark, kakashiskunoichi, neonanything. I love you all. Let me join you wonderful people and ship this wonderful ship! And I may have not followed all you lovelies on this account but my other personal reblogging account has been stalking you guys I don’t want to sound creepy but yeah. Hugs and kisses!



To an artist who has inspired and taught me many beautiful and wonderful insights into the broad empire of creativity, happy birthday. Luke [my favorite, by the way] and Ursula are throwing you a party. Well, Ursula is, Luke is obediently doing as she asks. Have a magnificent year!