artist: yuria


Time: October 1, 2017 13:41:38JST
Title: Otsukaresama☆

After Yuria’s graduation
Shimada will be graduating,
Riechan as well..

Lots of members to be seeing off.

After members graduate,
I start to remember the memories with them.

Some always in the same set
some not often in a set
Same gens, some that are special to me…

The memories of working hard together in a same team

Kawaei wrote on her instagram
The most valuable treasure she got from AKB was friends..
The feeling of companions and rivalries,
We share a lot of emotions every day.
It’s a blessing to have met these friends and have fun with them even during private times.

Holding these precious thoughts,
And for being with my companions,

Let’s keep on working hard to search for that scenery that has yet to be found!!!

Back to shooting!

See ya (・o・)ノ

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Time: September 30, 2017 21:50:27JST
Title: Yuria ☆

Happy Graduation!

All this time.
Whenever I feel nervous,

she will hold my hand tightly,
Or pat me on the back and say,

“It will be ok”.

And then I could overcome it and all the nervousness is gone.

At the end of today’s graduation,
After saying goodbye to everyone,
She hold my hand so tightly.
That I felt the power that Yuria gave me.

Have to work harder.
So that,
I can be a support for Yuria in future !!

Yuria, you give me so much love..
I wish you all the best and become a great actress!

See you soon (・o・)ノ

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