artist: vigee lebrun

Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun

Lady Hamilton as the Persian Sibyl (1790-91)

This was one of Vigée-Lebrun’s personal favorite portraits and which she carried it with her throughout Europe.

“I remember that when I did my first picture of her, as a sibyl, she was living at Caserta, whither I went every day, desiring to progress quickly with the picture. The Duchess de Fleury and the Princess de Joseph Monaco were present at the third sitting, which was the last. I had wound a scarf round her head in the shape of a turban, one end hanging down in graceful folds. This head-dress so beautified her that the ladies declared she looked ravishing.” - Memoirs of Madame Vigée-Lebrun

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun
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No starving artist, Vigée Le Brun was the first woman to ever become a court painter in France when she was commissioned to paint Marie Antoinette. She painted royalty and nobility throughout Europe, even as her personal life had its ups and downs.

One of Vigée Le Brun’s self-portraits

Another self-portrait

Mme. du Barry

Marie Antoinette

Marie-Louise Élisabeth Vigée-LeBrun. Child portraits of Marie-Therese-Charlotte of France, future Duchess of Angoulême, and Louis-Joseph-Xavier of France, Premier Dauphin. 1784.

Oil on canvas.

Château de Versailles. Versailles, France.


Women Artists of the 18th Century [2/11] - Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

Born in Paris in 1755, Madame Lebrun became a member of the Académie de Saint Luc aged nineteen. She is famed for her numerous portraits of Marie Antoinette and the French royal family, including the infamous ’La reine en gaulle’ portrait in 1783. After the French Revolution she worked in Italy, Austria and Russia painting nobility and royalty.