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Pledis always freaks me out

We caught up with Adam Granduciel from The War On Drugs playing a Fender Paramount Parlor in his studio. We can’t wait for their upcoming record, which Pitchfork called one of the albums they’re most excited for this year!

Happy Holidays Madie! Sorry it’s mega late! You were probably expecting a cooler au lol but, yeah, this is Tokyo Ghoul in Hollywood! Basically, Rize (hotshot talent scout) discovers amateur Kaneki and pulls him into the crazy bustling industry. I imagine the Kirishima siblings as international supermodels/fashion icons and Hanbee pesters his idol, Juuzou, 24/7 for acting advice and Tsukiyama and Arima are bitter rivals that always somehow end up having to work together. I wish I could have added more people, still, I hope you like it! 

You know what I don’t care if you got fancy tags and shit and if it ruins your aesthetic, but don’t delete the original comment made by the artist when you reblog something, be it a wall of text or just a silly comment. It’s kinda rude.

PSA for Requesters

I take pride in my work. I love making my art and I love making that art for other people.

But there have been some people who have just REALLY ticked me off.

I will not call anyone out on this, but if you think this post is about you, it probably is.

1. Reblog the art you request. Likes are just the *seen* notification. It’s depressing.


3. Giving away other people’s art as gifts, even if the piece was made for you specifically, is stealing and it’s wrong.

4. Some artists are stuck in an awkward phase where the only people who are giving them the attention they need for their work are the slave drivers like the ones mentioned above and they can’t say “no” to them because without their requests, they may never get noticed in the art world as a professional artist who gets an income of some sort.

I know I’ll be stepping on some toes with this post, but I have had enough. This is MY ART and what you are asking of me is UNFAIR. If you don’t like it just remember that I am not an art producing machine in your computer. I am a human being who has a life and would like to pay the bills.