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I MAKE GAMES! Currently doing another game jam at uni with a smaller group then usual. The game is basically two players that need to kill these enemies in which are constantly spawning. Who ever kills the most before dying or the end of the round wins. 

We are still working on a title, but I am very happy with how everyone is going. The purple, pink and blue background, just a quick background.


Love to make this live bootlegs.
This time #michaeljackson vs Ten Walls
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Credit cards & Diamond rings Demo
Just an audio scrapbook for my band Girl Offence and any solo stuff i want to just throw out there xxx

A MASSIVE long shot, but i need a female singer to re write and re-record some vocals for me. This is one of the songs that needs doing. Any ideas, suggestions or reposts would be greatly appreciated 

Today I had to make a User story document. This is where I needed to make up back ground stories for people and why they would play our game. So me being a little bit of a creative girl decided too make all 10 of my characters Overwatch characters.

I believe that documentation  can be fun if you allow it to be. Although you should always take it seriously, having that little bit of fun and to make someone smile is all the more worth it. Documentation should never be boring.

When someone reads your portfolio, they want to see that you are capable of doing the paperwork. I like to show my personality within the the documents.