artist: mooncalfe

So I don’t know if you could’ve guessed but I really like Jem & the Holograms, and I really like IDW’s comic version! I just love @mooncalfe ‘s take on the characters … The original show’s designs were designed to work for easy merchandise production, whereas Sophie has taken the ladies and really breathed life into them. This was pretty intense to work on with so many characters and patterns, but I really like the finished piece!

The most recent assignment in my Animation class, which is a walk cycle with personality. I decided I wanted to Use the character Glory from the Image Comic of the same name by written Joe Keatinge @joekeatinge and drawn by Sophie Campbell @mooncalfe

We where to pick an animal and style the walk after that, which I asked both Sophie and Joe what animal walk they would compare Glory to walk like, and both had a different answer., Sophie said a Large Cat, such as a lion. and Joe said a Rhino. (personally I thought maybe a Bear). 

Regardless, not sure if any animal can be read from her walk, but I hope everyone enjoys it.