artist: mix

Petah Coyne
Untitled #1243 (The Secret Life of Words), 2007
Silk flowers, curly willow branches, chicken wire fencing,
specially formulated wax, silk and rayon duchesse satin fabric,
spray paint, white pigment, pearl-headed hat pins,
fabricated steel understructure, chain, cable, cable nuts, wire,
Velcro, thread, quick-link shackles, and jaw to jaw swivel
92 x 37½ x 43 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Lelong, New York

a taste of bittersweet - an elio perlman mixtape

  •  elio perlman, living and loving after the summer of 1988

“then came the blank years. if i were to punctuate my life with the people whose bed i shared, and if these could be divided in two categories—those before and those after oliver—then the greatest gift life could bestow on me was to move this divider forward in time. many helped me part life into before x and after x segments, many brought joy and sorrow, many threw my life off course, while others made no difference whatsoever, so that oliver, who for so long had loomed like a fulcrum on the scale of life, eventually acquired successors who either eclipsed him or reduced him to an early milepost, a minor fork in the road, a small, fiery mercury on a voyage out to pluto and beyond.”