artist: megasweet


alright, let’s get onto photos, and my experience in general.

so like i said, i missed half the con/the first day, cause my flights fucked up. first flight was too late to get the bags onto the second one in time, so i had to be transferred to the next day and was stuck in spain. the airport payed for hotel and the food there was awesome, so at least that was good.

next day i arrive at around 4pm. rob and benaspace were so great as to pick me up. it was rush hour. we arrived at 7pm, just as the artist alley closed. at least i got to pick up my badges, and a fan came up to me and told me he’d had a dream that ask velvet was a show on fox. how cool is that :D

before we went in to pick up my badge, i already saw tons of people at the con entrance, and my first cosplayers in the parking lot. i pretty much laughed out loud with excitement cause i’d never before seen cosplayers in my life (outside of mardi gras and halloween).

now imagine that the second cosplayer in my life i saw was an at least 7 foot full fursuit applejack. yeah.

after picking up my badges, we returned to the hotel room.

we were met by about 30 dudes, most of which were shirtless, playing drinking games with pony cards, and a couple in the backroom trying to get it on. i think quite many of them were eqd staff. the smell was horrid.

will and me quickly got our stuff and decided to transfer to another room.

after a bit of confusion, everything worked out (i had to go back a second time to get my bathroom stuff) and we decided to go eat at an all-you-can-eat asian buffet. met up with jj, sarge, empty, dr.adorable, the whole lot.

afterwards we paid a short visit to the bronypalooza, but after hearing an acapella rendition of the theme song and seeing bronies d'aww over a lightshow, we decided to hit the hay.

unfortunately i was much too tired to take any pictures, so none of these are in any way related to the events. :P

disclaimer: i never know what to do in front of a camera, so i just try to look as goofy as possible.