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Why I like Miles Vorkosigan: because he’s short as fuck, because he accidentally gets his own mercenary fleet, because he is made entirely of Forward Momentum.

Why I don’t like Miles: GOD DAMMIT MILES STOP FUCKING WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES LIKE THAT. [which is one of the reasons I love the books, because he has traits that are Amazingly Awesome in some situations and Totally Counterproductive in others]

Favorite episiode/scene/book: A CIVIL CAMPAIGN. And Memory but the beginning hurts so bad to get through.

Favorite Line: “I’m tired of playing wall.”

and also:

“The one thing you can’t trade for your heart’s desire is your heart.”

Favorite outfit: that time he dug out ALL the medals.

OTP: Miles/Ekatarin is AMAZING, and I really liked his relationship/friendship with the wolf-gal whose name escapes me.

BROTP: Elli Quinn.

Head canon: If Miles were Emperor, Barrayar would take over the known Universe, mostly on accident. If Ivan were Emperor, Barrayaran inheritance would go to non-gender-discriminatory primogeniture, in an attempt to get out of being Emperor.

Unpopular opinion: /shrug/

A wish: I would like him to use his collection of medals as ammunition for a slingshot at some point. Just for the heck of it.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: please don’t ever let any of his kids die before him. I haven’t even read the books were he has kids yet, unless you count Diplomatic Immunity.

5 words to best describe Miles: energetic manipulative determined unstoppable spy.

My nickname for him: not so much a nickname as just something I exclaim while reading the books, which is often “OH MY GOD MILES YOU SON OF A BITCH. WHAT DID YOU JUST DO. OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU.”

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ot4 from CATWS? if that's a thing you do?

Well it’s definitely a thing I can do!

I got a bunch of these so I’m only putting together the first set of prompts for these guys right now.  Lots of fun!

Natasha, Steve, Bucky, and Sam, all experiencing cohabitation.  Lord help the rest of the world.

  • big spoon/little spoon:
    So this is less of a big-and-little spoon and more of an entire silverware drawer.

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- I am the person who sidled into copperbadge’s inbox and requested it, v quietly in case someone thought it was a bad idea, oops

- I saw it was posted while walking home and started reading it on mobile on the sidewalk

-this was a terrible idea bc at one point I physically jumped back and made a quiet screaming noise for at least 2 seconds

-I have some…… issues with some………. things left unaddressed in mcu thus far and this was like, DEEPLY HEALING or whatever

- I really like it is what I’m trying to say

I’m so glad you liked it! I was a little concerned, I won’t lie, but it was also a ton of fun to write, especially when it hit me just how awful it would be for a JEWISH MAN to be prisoner of HYDRA doing their dirty work for seventy years. Like. WOW. 

So yeah, really intriguing prompt, I’m so glad you liked the outcome! 

Rebloggable by request: Hannibal, for the fandom osmosis meme

Needsmoregreendragons said:

for the fandom meme: Hannibal

To which I replied:

I’ve totally got this one, actually!  Hannibal is a show with two intersecting weekly plotlines, along the themes of: Everything is people and Somebody please help Will Graham.

In the everything is people plotline, Dr. Hannibal Lecter demonstrates each week how he puts together fabulous dinner parties for his friends and colleagues, starting by stalking and serial-killing his ingredients and working all the way through to magnificent table preparation.  This may or may not be worthy of a Food Network spinoff.

In the somebody please help Will Graham plotline, FBI profiler Will Graham tries to catch serial killers while suffering from encephalitis and hallucinating stags with feathers all over them, and also stealing any dogs he should happen to come across.

These plotlines intersect mainly when Dr. Lecter lies to Will Graham about his encephalitis and invites him to dinner parties.

Also, at the end of the season, Will Graham may or may not have been arrested for grand theft canine.  That might have been a joke.

Other characters include Will’s boss, and several dark-haired female characters who may or may not all have been eaten by now.

All in all: a very visually appealing show, but basically a procedural, and they never include the recipes at the end.

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omg tell me all about Unique's daemon.

I feel like I should preface this with “sure, I’ll tell you about Unique’s daemon if you tell me embarrassing stories about The Girlfriend. deal? deal”



So, Unique has a peacock for a daemon. A male peacock.

Peacocks are symbols of battle, but also of luxury. Most importantly, they are symbols of rebirth. Peacocks are flashy and gorgeous, and the males are undeniably male. They are loud and fearless.

Perhaps obviously, studies show that peacocks who are more flamboyant have better survival/reproduction rates. Therefore being eyecatching isn’t about vanity (although most people think it is, just like how they think Wade is just ‘dressing up’ to be Unique) but about survival. Unique needs to be Unique to live, really live. The theories of reasons behind this finding are varied, from “being colorful means they’re healthy!” to “being colorful, plus their loud voices, are all major FUCK YOU, YOU BETTER STAY AWAY OR I WILL FUCK YOUR SHIT UP to predators to frighten them away.”

Interestingly, peacock feathers aren’t colored by pigment but by optical reflections. Which means that their iridescence depends on how you look at them. Just like Unique, who can be a freak or a hero or a role model or a trannie or just a beautiful girl, all depending on how you look at her.

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"oh, that's one of weeds' tumblr associates. oh, he knows a lot about comics. oh look, he knows about comics and will explain them to you if you don't know about comics. look guys he's a guy explaining comics to a girl who doesn't know things about comics without being a dick! I must continue to observe him as he is the first of his species yet to be discovered by researchers"


littlemissmutant replied to your post:(context: Neil Gaiman made a video about bullying…

You were an adorable kitten and are now a beautiful cat so there. Like I guess “the adorable kitten” isn’t a nursery rhyme but oh well I do not make the rules


but that’s kind of not my point?

like, Neil Gaiman got bullied for being un-athletic and daydream-y, and now he’s a famous writer!

I got bullied for being disabled and now I’m… a disabled adult? 

like the narrative is

(a kids get bullied for being different but (b when they become adults, their differences become strengths and nobody bullies them anymore

ugly ducklings become swans. 

and it’s not always true. sometimes you will become an adult and your differences will still matter and still get you bullied. 

where is my narrative where people pick on the ugly duckling, and she grows up into an ugly duck, and people still pick on her sometimes, and those people are ASSHOLES because bullying is never okay, regardless of whether you become a swan or not. 

also  Neil Gaiman tosses off this reference to being GASP even less popular than the kid with the leg brace

what does he think happened to the kid with the leg brace? 

where is my narrative where the kid in the leg brace isn’t a footnote? 

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How does insurance Bucky feel about the IMD exclusion's impact on Medicaid HCBS?

Sir, he’s unstable, erratic… he’s been out of cryofreeze too long…

These are things that Bucky knows: 

Steve got a folder, once, from the Widow. There was information in it, though not a lot. On the inside cover, there was a photo of Bucky asleep in a cryotank.

Steve made some assumptions, at that point. Bucky’s pretty sure Steve has shared these assumptions with the others. There have been mentions of ice, and cold, and, from that asshole Stark, some unfortunate jokes about the Russian winter.

Bucky doesn’t correct them. Or, he didn’t used to. It didn’t really matter.

But these are things that Bucky knows:

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Laura Hale takes on Lycanthropy Howls? (AU where she's alive because she seems like she'd be better at community organizing than Derek bless his heart)

Um. I don’t actually know anything about activism whooop.

“What do you mean I’m not on this project?” Derek repeated.

Laura stared him down. “You can’t actually community organize. We went over this. In org-wide memos.“

Derek scowled even harder. “I don’t read those. And I’m the one who got us Erica and Boyd and Isaac.”

“The last time you tried to get us together, you drove up to lacrosse practice, glared your Lacrosse Glare at everyone, and peeled away in a cloud of stubble and leather,” Stiles chimed in. “Stop doing that, Danny asked me very seriously last week if my cousin Miguel was single, and I don’t need your scary too-old-for-high-schoolness ruining my chances with him any further, okay?“ 

Derek deflated. “Does Scott think I’m a bad community organizer?” he muttered forlornly. Laura very wisely chose to ignore him, out of sibling pity.

“The budget that’s going to cut funding for training doctors to accurately diagnose lycanthropy is being introduced to the California House. We need to get it together,” she insisted. “Is the script for the videos drafted yet?“ 

"With language designed to appeal to the human public perfectly,” Peter reported, rolling his eyes. They stared at each other for a few heartbeats before Laura broke away.

“I’ve got all the research for Operation: The Public Wouldn’t Know What Wolfing Out Entails If They Wandered Around In the Woods During a Full Moon But They Will Soon done,” Lydia offered, “We just need to get pictures of Scott, he’s innocent and non-threatening. Can we please change the codename?“

Stiles huffed from his pile of papers in the corner. “Can we just-”

Laura cut him off. “No, we can’t kill everyone. We employ high schoolers, for god’s sake, we can’t afford assassinations.“ In response to a smirk she can feel from the left, she sighed, “No, Isaac, I don’t care that you’d kill everyone who called you a low-functioning werewolf for free, we can’t kill everyone.” Though she could understand the impulse. 

“Okay, if that’s it, clipboard time for Team Non-Threatening, head out everyone.” Laura patted Derek, who was still sulking under his lamp, on her way to the door. “Cheer up little brother, they’ll die eventually.“ 

littlemissmutant replied to your post: littlemissmutant replied to your post: Would you…

ooh, sure! hes a miniature shorthair dachshund if that helps

eeek, I’m kind of nervous analyzing your daemon since I actually know you! I hope this is okay.

Okay, first thing you need to know about dachshunds is that they are hunting dogs. They are adorable little cuties, but never mistake cuteness for helplessness. In fact, they’re one of the most stubborn, aggressive dogs out there. They’re very clever dogs, but respond pretty hit-or-miss to commands based on how much they like you. To their owners, they’re extremely loyal and devoted. To others, they’re pretty stand offish and I DON’T CARE IF I WANT TO DO THE THING, IF YOU TELL ME TO DO THE THING THEN I WILL NOT ONLY NOT DO IT I WILL ALSO PEE ON EVERYTHING YOU LOVE.

They also need challenges, because when dachshunds are bored they tend to get destructive, which would point to a person who gets bored easily and likes to keep busy - whether that means tumblr or running or inventing talking robots is up to the individual.

This breed is quite likely to bite the unfamiliar, especially kids who try to tease them - indicating a prickly personality that takes a little while to warm up to someone. That being said, once they do they are extremely devoted friends. In fact, dachshunds suffer separation anxiety, meaning that a person with that daemon would be at their best with their friends.

So a dachshund (jfc, I didn’t realize how annoying that was to spell until writing this post) daemon would indicate a person who’s gentle, aloof appearance hides a feisty little fucker who’d do anything for their loved ones.