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- I am the person who sidled into copperbadge’s inbox and requested it, v quietly in case someone thought it was a bad idea, oops

- I saw it was posted while walking home and started reading it on mobile on the sidewalk

-this was a terrible idea bc at one point I physically jumped back and made a quiet screaming noise for at least 2 seconds

-I have some…… issues with some………. things left unaddressed in mcu thus far and this was like, DEEPLY HEALING or whatever

- I really like it is what I’m trying to say

I’m so glad you liked it! I was a little concerned, I won’t lie, but it was also a ton of fun to write, especially when it hit me just how awful it would be for a JEWISH MAN to be prisoner of HYDRA doing their dirty work for seventy years. Like. WOW. 

So yeah, really intriguing prompt, I’m so glad you liked the outcome! 

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How does insurance Bucky feel about the IMD exclusion's impact on Medicaid HCBS?

Sir, he’s unstable, erratic… he’s been out of cryofreeze too long…

These are things that Bucky knows: 

Steve got a folder, once, from the Widow. There was information in it, though not a lot. On the inside cover, there was a photo of Bucky asleep in a cryotank.

Steve made some assumptions, at that point. Bucky’s pretty sure Steve has shared these assumptions with the others. There have been mentions of ice, and cold, and, from that asshole Stark, some unfortunate jokes about the Russian winter.

Bucky doesn’t correct them. Or, he didn’t used to. It didn’t really matter.

But these are things that Bucky knows:

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littlemissmutant replied to your post “There is a story about a dragon in the Australian outback in 1983 and…”

wait do you have like, a chart somewhere of who everyone was at what time, and what happened? like is it written down or is it all in your head? this is so detailed it’s super neat

I could probably make a chart, if I had to?  Um.  I’ve got a decent overview of the past century or so, a good feel for the first life, and a few different events that I  know happened in between.  Probably I’ll be building out on those events soon.

Mostly it kind of just comes as I go.  Like, I have zero idea what Derek was doing last life in Australia, and most of what I really know about the WWII life is that I don’t wanna know, but any one of the coven might have to leave the room in the middle of Saving Private Ryan and that’s just how it’s going to be.

So like, Yasmin happened because I had the shape of the conversation between Allison and Chris in my head (easy enough to envision, sort of inevitable given the family occupation) and I needed a past life to go with it.  Pulled a name more or less out of thin air, looked it up–so where in history do Arabic heritage, witch hunters, and ‘a long long time ago’ come together?  Spanish Inquisition!

Then I had to figure out where they were, and the feeling that I got from Yasmin growing up was definitely the, dad is treated in society like an actual person, so hey, Emirate of Granada it is.  After that it was all just filling in little bits and pieces at random from various google sources.

I have a lot of fun making things seem really detailed and intricate by filling in specific details and just completely avoiding the ones I don’t know.  Like, what was their second life like?  I have no idea and I kinda need to figure it out because I know it was fairly chaotic and interesting.

This world is so much fun to play in!

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also I just don't like oranges! I guess I'm doomed to never take my mental health into my own hands

I like sweet oranges, like mandarins, and I feel like I should like other oranges more because they’re always cheap so they’re like, accessible. Orange JUICE is okay but most actual oranges are meh. 

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ACTUALLY MEDA SINCE YOU LIKE DISABILITY+SCI-FI YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY TOTALLY READ LOIS BUJOLD'S VORKOSIGAN SAGA. Do you read books in paper form? some people don't. There is also the option of listening to the Vorkosigan books on audiotape, the narrator is really good.

Recommendation filed away for future reference!! I’ve read a couple of Bujold’s short stories and liked her style, so that’s exciting. I will investigate this saga.

I do read books in paper form. My OCD sometimes gives me issues with reading but that is trumped by the fact that I irrationally loathe audiobooks. (I appreciate their existence but can never stand to listen to them.)

littlemissmutant said:I like a lot of aspects of Whedon’s work but given how much the guy congratulates himself on having one woman on a five-person team in Avengers? How clearly that is enough and a job well done in his mind? Fink has a point.

I have not read those quotes. I can’t square that with the man who invented Buffy, which nearly always had a female-majority cast. Certainly more than any other mainstream show I can think of besides Once Upon a Time.

Has Whedon strayed away from some of his original mission statements? Very likely. However, Joseph Fink’s tweet strikes me as obnoxious and vulgar. I may be biased because of how important Buffy is to me, but it’s the TONE that gets me. It’s the same reason I can’t deal with people who reflexively hate on Twilight, even though I don’t like that series myself.

Hating Joss Whedon or anyone else is a personal prerogative. He’s said and done some hate-worthy things. The comments I keep reacting to, Fink’s included, strike me too much as prescriptive, I think the word is. I will not sign on to whole-sale dismissal of influential media, even it it’s in a tweet.

The final season of Buffy is about one woman sharing her power with thousands of girls in all walks of life, all over the world. That’s not the work of people (MULTIPLE people, because we need to stop pinning shortcomings on the executive producers alone) who are writing masturbatory fantasies. You don’t take a character off a pedestal in the way Buffy Summers is while “only writing women you want to sleep with”. You cannot square the sometimes frustrating truth of “Joss Whedon likes putting all his characters through trauma conga lines” with the lie that “Joss Whedon only writes impossibly perfect and therefore inhuman women”. If you say that, then the integrity of speculative fiction is destroyed, because by that logic NO female character can ever have supernatural skills.

Like, if you believe Buffy/Whedon’s brand of feminism isn’t good enough, by all means. I agree with you. But the dismissive snark bothers me incredibly.


First when I saw this, I was like “This is for Merry"  but after watching it bit further, I figured out someoen else, who might like it.  So here’s for Littlemissmutant

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so please don't take this the wrong way but normally I hate any work of fiction with aliens in it, they just rub me the way for some reason. I state this so I can fully express to you the ways in which my love for your book is breaking the pattern. I'm in awe of your characters. Read it all during the last few hours.


I am perennially fascinated by aliens but omg this is a high compliment thank you <33