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Japanese laughing onomatopoeia 擬声語(gi-sei-go)

Even if they are similar events, different quantities or qualities produce different sounds.  As another example, let’s take a laughing onomatopoeia 擬声語 (gi-sei-go) sound.

When a man laughs uninhibitedly, it’s a loud laugh: ゲラゲラ(ge-ra-ge-ra)

Women could laugh this way, but in Japan where male chauvinism is still rampant, they may be frowned upon by both men and women.  Also, this sound should not be confused with the sound of someone vomiting: ゲロゲロ (ge-ro-ge-ro).

A young woman laughing ケラケラ (ke-ra-ke-ra) is a sign that she’s having a lot of fun talking with you.

But do not mix this up with a similar sound ケロケロ(ke-ro-ke-ro), because if she laughs like that, she is in fact a frog in disguise, not human!

A little girl chuckles silently クスクス(ku-su-ku-su), that’s cute.

A young man laughing ヘラヘラ (he-ra-he-ra) is not very agreeable.  Depending on the situation, it’s a bit unnerving.  He could be also slightly drunk.

It’s even worse if someone is laughing エヘラエヘラ (e-he-ra-e-he-ra).  If this is your teenage son,  you should smack his head.  He needs to be more serious, show more respect!

It’s a big hit if someone laughs ヒーヒー (hih-hih) at your joke with tears coming out from his eyes. It’s so funny he can barely breathe!

If you are smiling ニコニコ (ni-ko-ni-ko) all the time, it’s impossible for anyone to hate you.  Such a smile is highly infectious.  The best kind of smile!

If my friend is grinning ニヤニヤ (ni-ya-ni-ya), I might feel a bit uncomfortable, because he may be secretively laughing at something about me.  But then again, he may be just remembering a fond memory from his last date.

ニタニタ (ni-ta-ni-ta) is a rather obscene way of grinning.  Certainly gentlemen will not smile ニタニタ (ni-ta-ni-ta)  in front of ladies.

Now, in the last three smiles ニコニコ (ni-ko-ni-ko), ニヤニヤ (ni-ya-ni-ya) and ニタニタ (ni-ta-ni-ta), these people are not really making any sound as they smile in these ways.  They are all silent smiles.  But Japanese can hear them!  As I write below, Japanese have developed highly sensitive ears so that they can hear the would-be sound from almost anything!  Namely, Japanese language answers  what kind of sound they would make if they could!

The real stuff .

I just really need to get this off my chest because it’s getting hard to keep it to myself so please bear with me for a little. 

In the past (and today, this is why I’m writing this) I got quite a few anonymous asks saying stuff like “you have a fetish for Asian people”, “you want to be Asian so bad you run a blog and pretend to like fashion”, “Asian-wanna-be”. Ok. So. Sorry for liking absolutely amazing fashion that is different from what I see daily? Sorry for liking Japanese culture and traditions and everything modern and ancient? Sorry for wanting to see the country of my dreams? 

I absolutely adore Japan, it’s been in my hobbies for around 8 years now and it makes me so damn angry when someone writes that kind of stuff to me. What is wrong with liking another culture? I’m not trying to be or even belong to that culture, I just want to see it and appreciate the beauty. I want to travel through Asia and experience the different environment from where I grew up. 

It’s not because “I have a fetish for Asian culture” , what the f is that even? Come on, guys, that’s not even funny. I don’t scream when I see an Asian person in my university (and there are quite a few by the way). I don’t turn to every person who mentions Asia. I just love that part of the world, the style and fashion I see on internet and even anime! I grew up watching it ! That does not mean I have a fetish for it. It’s nasty to even say that, ok? 

I used to cosplay, yes, but it was because I adore some characters in anime or games ! I met so many awesome people through cosplay !  And I know a lot of them get shit ton of hate for “trying to look Asian” when it’s make-up for a character. I might understand the frustration from people who are actually Asian but I really wish that they could understand, why cosplayers dress/do make-up the way they do.. 

So please stop saying these things, it’s getting really stressful. Just because I like Asian culture more than my own, it doesn’t mean I want to be Asian. That’s not possible and I don’t even try. I want to be able to have a blog about things that I like and not get hate for it. My dream is to open my own store someday and I might have some inspiration from the fashion I see on my blog! And I’m so tired of getting hate for it. So please don’t be that person who writes stuff to others out of nowhere and ruin their day. Because telling that someone has fetish is actually a quite big accusation when you don’t even know someone. 

I’m going to stop here and I will never ever answer an ask that blames me for having fetish because 1) there is no point in arguing with someone who could actually come up with that stuff 2) I know how things really are 3) Not going to waste my time. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope it cleared up some things. If you actually believe that I have a fetish for running a pink fashion blog, you’re the one who has a problem, not me. You’re welcome to unfollow/block me. I just wanted to write this in case some of you decided to leave me an ask again… 


Breath of the Wild voted Game of the Year 

On the opening day of the Tokyo Game Show 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was awarded with the Game of the Year in the Japan Game Awards 2017. The Excellence Award also included Monster Hunter XX and Pokémon Sun Moon with Sun Moon also winning the Global Award and Best Sales Award. And The Trade and Industry Prize went to Pokémon GO.

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