artist: ironshod

Ironshod, perhaps a literal dark horse competitor, joins my TF:P OCS Beeps and Codelace in the fray– though not on the same side.

(and I am NOT drawing a turnaround for her, you can’t make me, I refuse. Most important details are bolded.)

Ironshod is one of the Hippadroids, a fan-bot-type between suddenlycomics, myself, and a few others. They’re modeled after the fact that Onyx Prime seemed to be some kind of centaur, and obviously there ought to be robots that follow his form. They’re distant cousins of the Predacons, as quadrupedal-hexapod robots, but also once were also enemies or at least competitors of the Predacons, too. Because none of them have vehicle alt-modes, they faced racism and discrimination; considered primitive or otherwise ‘savage’ by Cybertronian society, many either left the planet as laborers or as colonists (many remote energon deposits and caches were first curated by Hippadroids, since vacated or in hiding), or remained outside Cybertron’s cities at large, forming settlements of their own until the war. Their cultures vary diversely, some revering trackers, hunters, craftspeople above others, but by far philosophers are their most commonly idolized individuals. For all they were considered primitive they are proficient with space travel (mandatory since the war), medicine, science, and technology– and many excel as justicars, negotiators, and in some cases even sophists.

When the war came, all known Hippadroids still on Cybertron were forced into space or perished– but some may still be lingering. Because many do not need the energy to transform fully, Hippadroids can be remarkable survivalists and can even process non-energon fuels, albeit at a much lower efficiency, for surprising periods of time.

Ironshod herself is not affiliated with any band or colony, and her background is unknown until the onset of the war. The Hippadroids on Cybertron, because their concerns were not addressed by either side, chose to remain neutral and fled conflicted zones until none remained, at which point they fought for sanctuary and eventually were forced to flee Cybertron when its core became dark. However, Ironshod appeared partway through the war as a free agent, selling bodyguard and mercenary services not to either side, but to other still-neutral individuals. As that market dwindled, her price opened up to both sides, and she has profited from both Autobot and Decepticon commissions… and also at times chosen to withdraw from both Autobot and Decepticon commissions at her discretion. If she has a code of honor or ethics, no one knows; there have been some jobs she has pursued until the very end… and then decided to drop and take no payment for mysterious reasons. It’s possible that one may present a convincing argument for their life, and succeed.

She does not seem to have or desire family, long-term companionship, or intimate partners– though she does seem to have associates or even friends. Because there is no universal currency, she commonly barters: accepting payment in energon, or in raw materials, spare parts, repair services, or medical care. However, she has been known to also accept payment in art, literature, or even poetry.

Ironshod considers any culture that is able to produce any form of art, prose, or poetry (no matter her capability to appreciate it) off-limits for sport hunting or extermination, though she will see individuals of those species as acceptable targets if she has been hired to kill them. She has no particular love for humans, but resents talk of organic inferiority for its similarity in rhetoric to speech that commonly was and still is used against Hippadroids- too primitive, too limited, as vermin, etc. 

She considers herself a warrior-poet, and prefers a form of minimalist verse known as octebit, which follows an 8-8-16-8 syllabic format, though she is also partial to classical Cybertronian binary hexaverse (which is an iambic meter using eight feet, for a total of sixteen paired syllables per line), which she gleefully reclaims from the ex-bourgeois. She may enjoy earth verse, if you have the bearings to show her some.