artist: dimisfit


They could be laughing at:

  • A - The tragic loss of Sasuke’s duck butt hair
  • B - Sasuke’s tragic fashion choices
  • or C - Sasuke in general

[The answer is D - all of the above + the fact that Sasuke and Naruto was each other’s first kiss (Kakashi never knew this) (he’s dying)]


I had so many feelings from the latest chapter that I had to draw a comic for my favorite brotp in Naruto. Because Gai is ALIVEEEEE OTL

Set a bit after this picture. I can’t believe I made an AU of a fanart of a fanfic, that’s some crazy FANCEPTION right there!! 

Dedicated to the love of my fandom life Neonanything. You’re the best. THE BEST.

(you might need to click on each image to see it a little better!)

“Sakura, are you trying to seduce me?” Kakashi asked.

“Perhaps,” she mused. “Is it working?”

“Perhaps,” he said with a smile.

I was possessed by the kakasaku spirit and drew this sooo

Dedicated to my wonderful amazing Frostings, who gives me kakasaku feels through cute Starbucks tumblers! My muuusSSE

Later that night, he dreams of tulips blooming in the winter, and he takes it as a good sign.

After all, since Sakura, he’s come to believe in good luck. 

I was hurting so much from Megane and NOW A Love of Finished Years I couldn’t take it I had to do something Frostings is the tyrant of my SOULLLLL

They take a family picture outside (with Gai behind the camera) and Kakashi busts out the biggest, happiest, teary-eyed smile Gai’s ever seen from him. Finally FINALLY Kakashi gets everything he ever wanted and for the first time in a long time, he feels like the luckiest man in the world. I’M DONE

Who’s pumped for kakasaku week? YOU ARE. WE ARE. YEAAAAHHHH

I wanted to redraw this old picture for awhile now. I still really like the way the kiss looked, so not a lot changed!

Also say what it’s Frostings’s birthday EVERYONE SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FANDOM LOVE

Art trade with the ever lovely, cool-as-blue Dimisfit! I wish I could have spent longer on this, but alas, life chugs on regardless and I have to keep up with it somehow.

Happy chrimble and many merry One Piece feelings bro! Keep drawing the awesome things you do I always love seeing your work on my dash :D

Well not really but it is a good reason to start some fanart! Admiring fanart has sort of inspired me really. Especially the folks at ksanon. (Psssst, dimi, I love you so much you are my inspiration I can’t even if you acknowledge me I’ll be over the moon asdfgh if it’s too much to ask) also a shoutout to fellow kakasaku shippers, tsukinojen, sunblaze24, ladyofsnark, kakashiskunoichi, neonanything. I love you all. Let me join you wonderful people and ship this wonderful ship! And I may have not followed all you lovelies on this account but my other personal reblogging account has been stalking you guys I don’t want to sound creepy but yeah. Hugs and kisses!

Weakness is Strength

Okie dokie! I drew the oh-so-lovely Victoria, dimisfit’s OC :) More of this red-dressed queen of epic can be shown here.

Diana. You are awesome. HOW YOU BE SO AWESOME. 

Btw. I drew Vicky kind of epic and fearless and stuff. There is only so much I know about her from the little I’ve read of the story so I’m not sure if this is OOC or not :\ Nevertheless, I hope you like it :)

I am in LOVE with her characters so I hope to draw more!! And thank you for introducing me to the stumpy pencil brush! It is now half my life and is taking over me….