artist: corporal

“Petra…?” Heichou walks up to me, I look up, seeing his eyes down, “ He wraps an arm around my waist and brings me close to him, putting his head on my left shoulder, his breathing heavy and jagged. "H-Heichou, are you…” He shakes his head no, but I can feel hot tears going through my jacket. “I-I’m sorry Petra…” I put my hands on his arms, making sure he knows I’m here for him. “For what, Corporal?” He inhales deeply, “For not protecting as much as I should have, and… I miss you.. With me.. Alone..” I look down, tears threatening to escape my eyes, “I miss you to.. ” It really hurts, seeing humanity’s strongest.. Weak.

“Levi!!” I yell as I jump onto my boyfriends back, “Petra!” He raises an arm and gives me an awkward hug back, a smile on his face, he has the nicest smile.. “Thank you for letting me borrow your cloak! It’s just so cold out here!” He chuckles softly, “No it’s not, really.” I giggle madly, “It’s cause you’re so warm!” I snuggle my cheek against his. “ You’re so silly, Petra.”


de Howard Garner

La inteligencia ese gran conocido desconocido que tan a menudo nombramos pero poco conocemos. 

¿Qué es y para qué sirve la inteligencia? Diversas teorías han ofrecido una respuesta, hoy destacaremos:

La Teoríade las Inteligencias Múltiples de H. Garner.

Partiendo de la definición de inteligencia como el potencial biopsicológico para procesar información, que puede ser activada en un determinado contexto cultural, resolver problemas y/o elaborar productos que sean valiosos; en esta teoría Garner propone agrupar la inteligencia en 8 tipos diferentes:

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