artist: adam hughes

My Artspiration List

This will be a list of artists who inspire me and how I work. (that’s why Artspiration List)
For me the biggest inspiration are the artist with their own unique style. If artist have unique style You immediately associate the art with the name. And because of that they are the inspiration for many other artists.

Adam Hughes

Best known for his art for DC comics. This is my biggest comic artists influence. His work is inspired by Alphons Mucha art. I didn’t pu Mucha on my list but he is an artist that I admire greatly. But I would say that Adam has bigger influence on me - just because he takes Mucha style into our times :)

Iain McCaig

Best known for his work for Start Wars. He designed some character from the Star Wars, like- Darth Maul or Padme Amidala’s clothes. But he is also a great illustrator who knows how to tell a story. All his character designs are unique. I really recommend everyone to look at his work.

Karla Ortiz

The youngest one here  :) (and a girl!) Young digital artist who is well know for her  Magic the Gathering illustrations. She is very skillful artists with not only great digital art but also traditional. I love how she renders her characters. I’m very inspired by her work and wish to have similar results in my own works

Norman Rockwell

I like the style of American illustrators from 20th century. Among all of them Rockwell is my favorite. You cannot mistake him with anyone else. His style inspired others. He know how to make character and illustrations that look like photos of a real life.

That was rather short, but I focused on my main, biggest inspirations :)So I get inspired by the modern artists as well as older ones, I’m inspired by traditional art and digital art, I’m inspired by comics and realistic style. I think that it’s best to have a variety to pick from :)