artist: 5h

June 23

The girls flew to Indianapolis today for another show:

Backstage with their band!

They played a great show to a packed crowd!

Here’s a recap of the girls’ promo week in NYC:

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And here are their Stories from today:

Lauren has a movie recommendation:

Normani retweeted a few tweets talking about important issues:

Dinah’s birthday celebration continues…

New show alert! 9/15 @ LA!

anonymous asked:

PSA for 5H Management!!! Here's brilliant and cost-effective promo! Book a studio with a live band and Spanish guitar. Set up gorgeous lighting with candles and the girls wearing flowing white outfits. Hair / Make up on point! Here comes a sexy acoustic Despacito remix bishes!!! They'd be the biggest and most popular artists to do a full female cover. I want Lauren's sexy ass voice on the hook. I want harmonies. I want Spanish Normani. This shows off their talent as four and their diversity. Yw


Angie Swan is still my favorite 5h guitarist. Not only does she catch my attention whenever she does her awesome riffs, but I also love her for defending 5h. Not to mention, she also likes Camila’s IG posts which is cool because it gives me a sense of ot5 peace, even for just a few seconds lol.