Ayyy. Minnesota Monthly put me on their “Best of the Twin Cities” list as the Artist to look out for in 2017.

“MCAD-trained up-and-coming artist Bobby Rogers employs illustration, graphic design, and photography to portray both the vivid richness of communities of color and a personal fascination with futurism. His work, including Everything is Temporary, is provocative, emotional, and fairly cosmic all at once—with a vision that runs the gamut from the emotionally representative to the far-flung realm of dreams.” I couldn’t do it without ya’ll. 😁 🙏🏿

my very first fan art for @vinesauce !!! it was based off his “everything” stream, specifically the part where he was piloting a turd through deep space… it was funny, but i still thought it was mostly beautiful. i just love space too much sob

btw, i also included ice planet… at first, i was going to make him hold one of the ice floes, but then the turd came up and i couldn’t resist