You’re Forever Faithful - original print from The Worship Project.

Simple reminder today. Meditate on this.

He is eternally good, eternally loving, eternally true, eternally steadfast, forever faithful. Thank You Jesus.

* * *

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I’ve always loved this quote by Marian Wright Edelman, and I know it has changed the way I work as an activist. It also ties into the announcement we have for you today. theasexualityblog and fuckyeahasexual are pleased to offically announce an art book full of pieces about, for, and from asexuals! 

An art book entitled What You See will be available September 2015. We’ve already lined up a number of amazing artists for the project, and if you’d like to contribute your own work please email us at before July 25th. 

I’ve seen several questions about this project, and I’m thrilled I can go into more detail for you today. The month before it’s release we are going to be taking pre-orders and will have “tip jar” for the artists. That way you can support the book and/or the artists. Profits from this collection will be forwarded towards creating the aromantic, agender, and asexual anthology set for Winter 2015. 

If you’d like to donate before the pre-order we have a dedicate button on the blog, but we’d also be grateful if you spread awareness so everyone can see our amazing community. 

A photographer took some pictures of me for a project on artists in their homes but i am not allow to release the other pictures so here is one i can. As some people may know, I entered a contest recently to win copics. Well, I have made it past the final round and I need your help. The winner will be chosen by how many votes you give the entry. Please click the link above and vote for me. I would greatly appreciate it if you did. Thank you for reading this post and please reblog also. My entry is by Emma G. Thank you again!!

Sara Ludy
Window #2, 2010-2015
inkjet print on Hahnemühle photo pearl paper, mounted on sintra
32.75 x 43 in / 83.2 x 109.2 cm, framed

“Windows” is a photographic series from the artist’s “Projection Monitor”, an ongoing documentation project of the virtual world Second Life. Each photograph from “Windows” was taken inside a private island house in Second Life. Surrounded by a force field, the virtual island prevents uninvited avatars from “physically” entering. Instead, an avatar must use the in-world camera to navigate and explore.

As Ludy navigates these private homes, she uses her real world camera to photograph the virtual spaces displayed on her computer screen. The resulting images evoke uncanny elements of virtual domestic environments.

Episode #39: Dark Horse Comics Spotlight with Joëlle Jones and Adam Warren

Back at the end of March, Nerd For A Living attended Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington. At the show, N4AL’s Adron Buske had the opportunity to conduct a couple of brief interviews with Dark Horse Comics creators Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer) and Adam Warren (Empowered). 

We talked about the genesis of their creator owned books, making a living as a full-time comic artist, using small projects to move forward, and more.

Listen here:

Send this Art Activist to School

Hey y’all. My grad school Go Fund Me is up! Help me spread the word and reblog. Check it out here: 

Here is an excerpt from my campaign about how a became a body-positive activist. 

A little about me: After graduating from Cornish College of the Arts in 2013, I went on to create To Be Brave: Ending Body Shame . I began by addressing my own history of anorexia and used the self-portrait as a way to see myself with kindness. I went on to work with eleven different women who are survivors of sexual assault and eating disorders. Their stories of survival and resilience were incredibly inspiring to me. I have launched large art shows of this work with performers and have brought the show to college campuses. I believe in jump-starting powerful conversations about body image and consent.

To Be Brave: Ending Body Shame led me to co-founding The Body Joy Project  artist collective. In collaboration with some amazing artists, I am continuing to explore body shame and body joy. 

I’m ready to take these studies to the graduate level at Laguna College of Art and Design . I want to refine my painting technique and research practices with some of the best figure painters in the country. I also want to study pedagogy and gain experience teaching at the college level. Grad school will afford me many opportunities. You can help me get there! 

I’m not coming to you first, I’m coming to you last. I’ve applied for many scholarships, and in my hunt, have found that many graduate art scholarships no longer exist. I’ve applied for what I can and now I’m asking for your support. But unlike a scholarship committee, I can offer you lots of rewards. My book! Art prints! Commissions! Lots of Available Artwork! Any contribution you can make is deeply appreciated! 



Benjamin Phillips (UK) - 1: Jungle Cat from 100 Cats  2: Wormhole Drypoint  3: Sea Flash from Korea  4: Girl Horse Beach Drypoint  5: Leaving Cat from 100 Cats  6: Grow Up from Korea  7: Nude Women from Patterns  8: Purple Padding  9: Smoking Girls from Bird’s Eye Evolution an artist book commissioned by SSE Project.    His illustrations are incredible. Check him out!


It’s almost here everyone!

The Avatar: Children of the Earth Fanzine will be available for pre-order starting Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 10 AM PDT! The pre-order will run for two weeks and will close on Thursday, June 4, 2015.

The fanzine features 52 amazing artists and over 50 pages of art! All proceeds will go to the production of the fanzine and to, a charity dedicated to supporting classroom literacy and projects!

Featured Artists
Abigail Dela Cruz / Angelica Russell / Anoosha Azhar Syed / Arielle Jovellanos / Beth Hughes / Caleb Thomas / Caroline Boyk / Charles Tan / Cody Shaw / Colin Tan / Denzel De Meerleer / Diane Quach / Edwardian Taylor / Fátima Anaya / Geraldine Rodriguez / Heather Campbell / Iris Y / Janet Sung / Jeffrey Lai / Jemely Jayme / Jemuel Bernaldez / Jeremy Jayme / Jessica MahonJessica Mao / Joanna Nieto / Justin Chan / Krista Gibbard / Krystal Pham / Kyrstin Avello / Laura Lewis / Lisa Buijteweg / Lisa Price / Marie Lum / Mayumi NoseMegan Phonesavanh / Miranda Yeo / Mishie Del Rosario / Molly Applejohn / Naomi Romero / Nikkie Woo / Nneka Myers / Pablo Leon / Rosemary Travale / Royal Dunlap / Samantha Dodge / Sarah Leuver / Sarah Simes / Sarah Talbot / Shaun Bryant / Stephanie Evans / Tim Bauer / Teressa Ong

Price Tiers
The fanzine will also come in two flavours! 

You can get the regular edition for just $20 USD. And if you’re feeling fancy, there will also be a bundle that comes with an 8.5 x 11″ limited edition print (art by Charles Tan) for $25 USD. Only 50 of these prints will be made, and the illustration is a standalone and not included in the actual zine.

Once the pre-order window closes, printing will take about 5 weeks and we’ll be aiming to start shipping to you in July. If there are any changes to this schedule, we will post the updates on this blog, so be sure to follow us for any updates! There are also only two of us handling the packaging and shipping, so please be patient!

Thank you for your patience and support once again! The store will be up on May 21, 2015 at

Cheers everyone!