yugiisourqueen  asked:

Do you ever go to conventions as an artist with a booth?

It’s been years since I’ve done a booth at a convention. I keep telling myself I’ll do another one next year but things often end up getting in the way of those plans.


I delayed making this announcement because I miiight be shooting myself in the foot here haha, BUT if all goes well, I should have a new book ready for Wonder Con this coming weekend in Anaheim, CA.

It’s the 3rd “From Scratch” book. This time centered around Skullgirls. It’s mostly a collection of assorted commissions and a lot of stuff I did for the IGG Campaign compiled into one book. It’s a bit thick this time around!

I will be in the artist alley at booth D-16. Come by and say hello!

If you are attending WonderCon in Anaheim this coming weekend, stop by the @gallerynucleus booth (Booth #2101) to pick up this Indivisible print.

Also, I will be at the booth on Sunday from 12:00 to 1:30PM.

In addition to that, feel free to stop by my artist alley booth at D-16.

See you there!

For more info on Indivisible, check out the official tumblr page: @indivisiblerpg


At New York Comic Con (October 6, 2017), Peter Capaldi visiting Alice X. Zhang at her booth in Artist Alley is quite possibly one of the most sweetest and kindest gestures to date! 😊💕 Alice is one of of my top favorite Doctor Who artists; I’m extremely happy for her success! The joy and attention she gets from Peter himself (as well as the millions of others who love her work) is something she most definitely deserves! 😍❤️

Photo credits: Alice, her message from Peter, Jeremy Pick, and Nori (Peter is a seat stealer, but who can blame him? 🙃 )

Megacon Information

Our booth in Artist Alley is A107! 

Here’s us on the full map of the convention hall form. We’re that tiny pink dot in Artist Alley (the yellow zone). 

Here’s a zoom-in of Artist Alley. 

We’re right by the food and Chi is unnecessarily excited about that. 

So if you happen to be at the convention next weekend, come say hi!

NOT WITHOUT YOU at AwesomeCon!

Come see NOT WITHOUT YOU contributors at AwesomeCon, June 16-18! We’ll be hosting a Stucky panel Friday night at 8pm in room 144 B/C, and running a booth in Artists Alley Table L14 throughout the weekend with books on sale as well as art prints, books, and commissions from @dorkbait, @jukebox-head, @maichan-art and more!

If you’re planning to attend AwesomeCon and would like to pick up your Kickstarter book + rewards package in person, please message us via Kickstarter so we can make arrangements. For everyone else, we are packaging rewards and books as we speak–the first batch of books went out in the mail today.