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What are your thoughts on the Trans Girl Marco/Bisexual Star theories? They've been really important to a lot of LGBT people and it'd be awesome to see anything of it in the show, or to get support from the crew

I’m gonna start by saying that since Disney is such a huge company, there’s only so much we can do when it comes to gay/trans representation. I wish that weren’t the case, but unfortunately I don’t think these theories will ever be explicitly canon in the show. 

Having said that, I LOVE the Trans Girl Marco theory! I think it makes sense, and I love all the fan support for Trans Girl Marco! I can for sure tell you that a lot of the board artists are aware of the theory, and we make sure never to have any jokes that make fun of Marco for wearing a dress. We always want to portray Princess Marco as a strong and positive character.

As for bisexual Star, @arythusa declared everyone on svtfoe bisexual so there you go! 

Jumping in on this Miraculous Blackout in protest of art theft in the fandom.

This is a two-week long protest (July 2 - 15) that I am 100% standing with. Art theft is becoming a huge problem and I want to help spread awareness. Fellow artists please stand with me - fellow fans please reblog and help keep original artwork safe. 

I feel like artists in the fandom are slowly becoming endangered, take a stand before we become extinct.

For more info on the mlb blackout HERE

Artist please be aware!

This guy come to my messages to ask for an art trade. Since the drawing on his gallery are pretty bad, but very messy too and I didn’t was sure they were him, I asked for their drawings

He become very  harsh, so I explained, still politelly

He, still very rude, showed me some drawings, very good ones.

So I reverse search these images to found the artist. I found her on DA (I don’t have DA account so that’s why I asked a friend to talk to her)

So, this post is to warn you about this particular user (they can change the url or avatar so thats why I didn’t directly mentioned them), but also, be carefull with people like that, don’t be fooled!

And if you can, spread this so artist don’t get swindle by this user or anyone similar! That will be nice!

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as a fellow artist idk how to say this nicely but ur charging a lil too much for ur commissions

as a fellow artist, you would be aware of how much time and effort goes into commissions and how, for a lot of them, I’m not really charging enough

as a fellow artist you should know that my icons are digital paintings that take me at least 2 hours, putting it a little bit BELOW minimum wage here in California

as a fellow artist you should know that my sketch commissions also can take up to two hours and I should have upped the price ages ago but the only reason it hasn’t been changed yet because I felt BAD for wanting to charge a price that would actually make sense for a liveable wage

AS A FELLOW ARTIST you should know that halfbody and fullbody commissions can take up to 6 hours - sometimes even LONGER than that

I have charged at even more absurdly cheap prices in the past, taking on 70 $10 icon commissions at a time and the result was me barely scrapping by and fucking up my wrist and forcing myself to work because I lived in a motel and money was the difference between living in my mom’s car and staying with a roof over our heads and I didn’t even stop to think that people would pay a somewhat reasonable wage until PEOPLE COMMISSIONING ME URGED ME TO RAISE MY PRICES and here I am still cutting myself short because I wanted to make these commissions ACCESSIBLE out of some fucked up sense of guilt that shouldn’t even be there

As a fellow artist, there’s really no kind way for me to say this nicely, fuck off

Support fellow artists on Tumblr, please.

Us visual artists need recognition, and just having 20 likes and 5 reblogs isn’t going to do anything.

What you see is not something that took a minute or even a second to conjure in just a couple of splashes of clean linework and flashy colors. It’s not just like “poof”, and you have a drawing. What you see is a product resulting from many painstaking hours of labor - of constant redraws, of stress and of frustration, of blood, sweat and tears. The whole process can take as long as 6 hours or even can go on for days. We put our heart and soul into our art, and while we do appreciate that someone likes our work, they’re not spreading any awareness about the pieces we worked sooo hard to get out there, a piece we made to express a thought-provoking idea that we wanted to portray in a glorious illustration. Or at least do both; like and reblog. It’s not hard at all. If you really like someone’s work, why not show your love and support for the artist by spreading the word about them? You don’t need to add tags or say anything fancy. Just one simple reblog would be nice. Because when I see someone just “liking” my work, I kinda feel a little…cheated I guess…? Okay, that’s not the word I’m looking for though, but something similar. I feel like my art, thing I put my soul into, is just getting glossed over, and it makes me think “Is my work good at all? Am I doing something wrong?”

And drawing is not easy. We’ve gotten this far because we went through countless trial and error into getting where we currently stand in our craft; and even still, we continue to strive and improve. It’s an endless cycle, and we will continue to grow, and even until the day we die, we probably will discover something we never experimented with before.

We need support, because without support we wouldn’t have the motivation to continue creating our characters, building our stories or improving our artistry if all around us is just an empty room. It’s because of “the empty room” dilemma that has unfortunately led to many young artists abandoning their projects and their whole craft because they felt like no one seemed to care about their piece of their soul; their art. 

Or just have Tumblr deleted the “like” button and only have the option to reblog. Isn’t that the whole point of Tumblr? To reblog stuff, right??

I’m sure I missed more, but I hope I got the message across.

Support your fellow artists!

Marina Abramovi - Artist Manifesto
1. An artist’s conduct in his life: 

– An artist should not lie to himself or others 
– An artist should not steal ideas from other artists 
– An artist should not compromise for themselves or in regards to the art market 
– An artist should not kill other human beings 
– An artist should not make themselves into an idol 
– An artist should not make themselves into an idol 
– An artist should not make themselves into an idol 

2. An artist’s relation to his love life: 

– An artist should avoid falling in love with another artist 
– An artist should avoid falling in love with another artist 
– An artist should avoid falling in love with another artist 

3. An artist’s relation to the erotic: 

– An artist should develop an erotic point of view on the world 
– An artist should be erotic 
– An artist should be erotic 
– An artist should be erotic 
4. An artist’s relation to suffering: 

– An artist should suffer 
– From the suffering comes the best work 
– Suffering brings transformation 
– Through the suffering an artist transcends their spirit 
– Through the suffering an artist transcends their spirit 
– Through the suffering an artist transcends their spirit 

5. An artist’s relation to depression:
– An artist should not be depressed 
– Depression is a disease and should be cured 
– Depression is not productive for an artist
– Depression is not productive for an artist 
– Depression is not productive for an artist 

6. An artist’s relation to suicide: 

– Suicide is a crime against life 
– An artist should not commit suicide 
– An artist should not commit suicide 
– An artist should not commit suicide 

7. An artist’s relation to inspiration: 

– An artist should look deep inside themselves for inspiration 
– The deeper they look inside themselves, the more universal they become 
– The artist is universe 
– The artist is universe 
– The artist is universe 

8. An artist’s relation to self-control: 

– The artist should not have self-control about his life 
– The artist should have total self-control about his work 
– The artist should not have self-control about his life 
– The artist should have total self-control about his work 
9. An artist’s relation with transparency: 

– The artist should give and receive at the same time 
– Transparency means receptive 
– Transparency means to give 
– Transparency means to receive 
– Transparency means receptive 
– Transparency means to give 
– Transparency means to receive 
– Transparency means receptive 
– Transparency means to give 
– Transparency means to receive 

10. An artist’s relation to symbols: 

– An artist creates his own symbols 
– Symbols are an artist’s language 
– The language must then be translated 
– Sometimes it is difficult to find the key 
– Sometimes it is difficult to find the key 
– Sometimes it is difficult to find the key

11. An artist’s relation to silence: 

– An artist has to understand silence 
– An artist has to create a space for silence to enter his work 
– Silence is like an island in the middle of a turbulent ocean 
– Silence is like an island in the middle of a turbulent ocean 
– Silence is like an island in the middle of a turbulent ocean 

12. An artist’s relation to solitude: 

– An artist must make time for the long periods of solitude 
– Solitude is extremely important 
– Away from home 
– Away from the studio 
– Away from family
– Away from friends 
– An artist should stay for long periods of time at waterfalls 
– An artist should stay for long periods of time at exploding volcanoes 
– An artist should stay for long periods of time looking at the fast running rivers 
– An artist should stay for long periods of time looking at the horizon where the ocean and sky meet 
– An artist should stay for long periods of time looking at the stars in the night sky 

13. An artist’s conduct in relation to work: 

– An artist should avoid going to the studio every day
– An artist should not treat his work schedule as a bank employee does 
– An artist should explore life and work only when an idea comes to him in a dream or during the day as a vision that arises as a surprise 
– An artist should not repeat himself 
– An artist should not overproduce 
– An artist should avoid his own art pollution 
– An artist should avoid his own art pollution 
– An artist should avoid his own art pollution 

14. An artist’s possessions: 

- Buddhist monks advise it is best to have nine possessions in their life: 
  • 1 robe for the summer 
  • 1 robe for the winter 
  • 1 pair of shoes 
  • 1 begging bowl for food 
  • 1 mosquito net 
  • 1 prayer book 
  • 1 umbrella 
  • 1 mat to sleep on 
  • 1 pair of glasses if needed 
– An artist should decide for himself the minimum personal possessions they should have 
– An artist should have more and more of less and less 
– An artist should have more and more of less and less 
– An artist should have more and more of less and less

15. A list of an artist’s friends: 

– An artist should have friends that lift their spirits 
– An artist should have friends that lift their spirits 
– An artist should have friends that lift their spirits 
16. A list of an artist’s enemies: 

– Enemies are very important 
– The Dalai Lama has said that it is easy to have compassion with friends but much more difficult to have compassion with enemies 
– An artist has to learn to forgive 
– An artist has to learn to forgive 
– An artist has to learn to forgive 

17. Different death scenarios: 

– An artist has to be aware of his own mortality 
– For an artist, it is not only important how he lives his life but also how he dies 
– An artist should look at the symbols of his work for the signs of different death scenarios
– An artist should die consciously without fear 
– An artist should die consciously without fear 
– An artist should die consciously without fear 

18. Different funeral scenarios: 

– An artist should give instructions before the funeral so that everything is done the way he wants it 
– The funeral is the artist’s last art piece before leaving 
– The funeral is the artist’s last art piece before leaving 
– The funeral is the artist’s last art piece before leaving

I sit down with an empty mind, not worrying about time, breathing deeply as the stars shine, I close my eyes and feel the divine, a love that will never die ⚛ MKX     Artist:                        
'Save the Artist' Merch
Because some people were really interested in the logo. I made it available for stickers and other stuff.

>> Original Save the Artist Post <<

This logo was made to bring awareness to Art Theft over the internet and how it is a problem, in not only the Mystery Skulls Animated community but, in other communities as well. Artist create so much lovely art for their respective communities, but sometimes people forget or choose to ignore the fact that there is an artist behind the artwork. This awareness movement is supposed to bring back into the light, what is important in a community. We all love our communities and artist love sharing their work but there needs to be a point to stand and protect our fellow artist from those who just treat them as tools.

Artist are not printing machines, or a means to an end for creative images. Artist are people, who should be cherished and loved just as much as their artwork is.

Are the profits going to a charity? 
No, they are not. Which is why they are as low as I possibly can make them.

 Those who were working with me on making the original post, wanted the logo to be available for stickers. I don’t have any way of sending mail nor do I have the money to make my own merchandise. So with the help of RedBubble, I am making the logo available to put on whatever you want. If there is a product that you want that is disabled please message me and I will unlock it. :D


I’m sorry to say this isn’t an alert because Togashi decided to get off hiatus, this is a message to all artists.

There’s a hxh blog distributing art work and edits, as well as my own work, without permission. I’m sure most of you weren’t asked for consent, nor is the blog giving any of you credit.

here are a few examples:

work from @soppaghetti

work from @yoyo0109

Work from @alderion-al

And many other work as well as hxh edits and gif sets. Edits from @genoza  for example.

The name of their blog is @hunter-x-lover, just so you can check out their blog and see if any of your work has been stolen.

Listen here.

We all love hunter x hunter, as well as other shows. But you cannot, will not, and shall not ever post work that doesn’t belong to you. There’s such a thing called consent. You may think you’re doing “god’s work” by sharing this work around, to make other people happy as you are, but what you’re doing is damaging the credit. The reason we heavily trademark/signature our work is so other people can recognize what and who we are. Most of these artists work and live on commissions like myself. So by not giving credit, we lose chances to make new customers.

Re-sharing work is a big issue, mostly done by teenagers without any knowledge of what they’re doing.

If you want to message me telling me I’m “dumb” and “you’re helping artists by showing off their work ” feel free, I won’t reply.

If you want to understand more on why stealing art is wrong, Click here, or here. If you’re being ignorant, then leave the fandom. We won’t tolerate that shit here.

BTS Reaction to You Being Passionate About Social Issues

Request from @red-hood-love :BTS and Day6 reaction to you (gf) being really passionate about social issues (like racial issues and feminist things) and ranting alot?

I honestly don’t know if I did this correctly, but I promise the Day6 one will be better. If you want me to redo this. I’ll post another one. Also I’m sorry for posting this a week later than I intended (stupid physics!!). Enjoy!!

Taehyung: I can imagine you ranting on about social issues we have today and he would just smile at you as you kept ranting. If you’re sensitive about the subject, he would comfort you every time you see someone being degraded. He tries his best to support you, but he would have no idea what he’s doing. He would ultimately follow you and encourage to take action pursue your passions.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Suga: He wouldn’t say anything express it physically, but he would be so proud of you. I think that he would actually collaborate with you to write a song to spread the awareness of the social issues you talk to him about. I honestly feel like he would be that type of artist to spread awareness about the world’s issues in his songs. Just imagine you guys in his studio recording the song, and when he’s performing it live he calls you up to tell his fans you were the reason he wrote the song. (Swoon!)

Originally posted by syubtae

Namjoon: He would join you and help you in anyway he can to support you. I feel like he would use his popularity to help spread the word and tell the world that his girlfriend is an amazing person that cares about the world. He would just show you off. (This puppy of destruction would do anything for you :P)

Originally posted by yoongichii

Jin: He would go to events that highlights these issues with you, and maybe even get you an opportunity for you to host an event (Because he can get everything he wants from his good looks :P)

Originally posted by mochixhamster

Imagine you were Namjoon (don’t we all) and at an event. 

Jungkook: The minute you say you want to take action, he will join you. He will go with you to countries in need and volunteer with you. (This would be you guys’ dates) Just seeing you talking about your passions would make you more attractive to him. It will just make him fall more in love with you than he already is.

Originally posted by jeonify

This is him after a long day of volunteering to build schools in Africa. 

Jimin: He’s going to be a mix to Taehyung and Jungkook. He would love how passionate you are about what you believe and be inspired himself. He normally wouldn’t have given a second thought about these issues before you and I can see him being inspired by you. Everyday he would insist on you to talk to him about and try to come up with solutions. You guys would frequently visit countries in need and volunteer.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

The way he looks at you as he listens to you. 

Hobi: I think he’s a strong feminist himself (not that the other boys aren’t). He would support like all the other boys, but I think he would apply equality in gender more in your relationship. He would respect your boundaries as a person, but still somehow clingy and a puppy boyfriend. 

Originally posted by orchid-bud

Imagine you’re Taehyung

Artist appreciation day!

Augh so my internet was down all day, so I didn’t get a chance to get this post going until too late (it’s almost 1 am now) but I love all my fellow snk artists and wanna do some shoutouts!

@alinajames - I love you girl, thank you for drawing the best Reiner I’ve ever seen in my life, wonderful reibert, and amazing gallirei. Everything I see of yours brings a big smile to my face!! <3 <3 <3

@from-armin-to-z - adorable Reiberts, ahhhhh!! your ideas are always so creative and I love seeing your improvement over the years

@sookashira - Such a cute style!! I love the way you draw all the characters, especially bertolt <3

@bear-tholdt - speaking of someone with an adorable style!! Your reibert pieces have always been so wonderful. I love your use of color, how nice and funny your pics are. You’ve been an inspiration for me from the beginning. <3 Nurse pals

@oeilvert - Great work, awesome hange, and moblit too. I always admire how easy and effortless your figures look, your clean lines, and expressiveness in your work.

@alemanriq - Ahhh your art is so good! LeviHan and otherwise, I love the way you use color and again, such nice ideas. <3

@zzz5011 - AUGH SO GOOD. Perfect linework, super awesome dynamic pictures and poses, I really admire your art! Please keep the reibert flame alive!

@hrhase - Your twitter sketches kill me everytime. Thank you for spreading the love around to lots of different characters, and always drawing fun and interesting scenes. Also draws a great Reiner, ahhh

@usnk-ussk - Gorgeous, unique reibert artwork. I could stare at their pieces all day.

@nenekantoku - Can’t pass you up Nene, you’ve been a big inspiration for me over this past year. I love the way you draw anything, but Reiner and Bert will always look best to me in your style.

@whalessong2 - again beautiful reibert work, I’m so happy you’ve started to post some more on twitter. ;-;

@melsnoodles - dude, you can draw more reibert any day of the week. :) Your sense of humor is fantastic and on point, too

@suits-neechan - speaking of a great sense of humor, I just love your reibert comics. You’re fucking hilarious and I love seeing your art!!


- Andy!! I love how clean and beautiful your lines are, and you’ve got so many amazing ideas. Please keep drawing, especially the reibert!

@rico-aot - I need to buy your doujins! I love your reibert work, it’s always so expressive and beautiful ;-;

@tycheh - Great painterly style! The reiner and bertolt stuff you were producing during S2 was rocking my world so hard! Please paint more!!

@inktamer7 - You can tell you’ve had so much training as an artist. Your Reibert pieces are so detailed and beautiful, I could stare for hours at your linework. Looking forward to your Reibert week submission!! It’s going to be amazing!

@lyferie - Your art is so soft and lovely, cute beruanis and reiner thrown in here and there. I think your color work is gorgeous!

@redcoaster - Holy shit, I’m so impressed by your anatomy and draftsmanship. Your thirst for rogue titan is also very admirable ;)))

@lampurpleart - Purple your work is so nice!! Your paintings and color usage are just fantastic. We still gotta draw chibis together one day!

EDIT I FORGOT @nelldya HOW DARE I LOVE YOUR REIBERT ARTWORK AHHHHHH it’s so damn cute and also fantastic. <3

EDIT AGAIN I FORGOT @lupotterdraws HI!! I can’t believe I forgot you, your Reiner pictures have killed me multiple times, and you draw such a great Levi squad. ;-;

I’m sure I’ve missed some folks, but wow, there’s just so many nice and amazing artists in the snk fandom. I can’t give enough love to all of you. <3

Rules to approaching an Artist

1. Look around you and your setting. Are you in a club? Then you shouldn’t approach the artist. If your in a fan sign or at their concert and you see them, then you can approach them.

2. Do not follow an artist outside a venue.

3. Do not annoy the artist. Ask for a picture or autograph and go.

4. Do not hover around the artist. They have personal space too.

5. Do not touch the artist unless posing for a picture. Even then do not touch them inappropriately

6. This applies to number one. Do not ambush an artist on sight. Be aware of where you are.

Guns and Being a Martial Artist

I got into an argument on facebook (haha yes I do regret it) about gun control, and at one point someone tried to make the argument that I was somehow stupid/a hypocrite/some other shit because I like guns and am a “martial artist” (I think that phrase is somewhat overrated for what it’s worth). If you lot didn’t already know this, I like guns. I have a side blog that is pretty much entirely pictures of guns, pictures of me screwing around with guns, pictures of /k/ posts of guns, and text posts where I make fun of Europeans/Californians/New Yorkers (same difference really) for not being able to have guns. 

The other person’s argument was something like this: if you train, why would you want a gun? I would argue that training in an alive martial art is what taught me the value of having a gun. Martial arts work really well against people that aren’t a lot bigger than you. Technique can overcome size, but only to a point. I learned this the hard way fighting a ninja (It’s been over a year and my neck still doesn’t feel the same post powerbomb), and it’s been demonstrated over and over again in the UFC, PRIDE, and K1. Think about all the beatings Sakuraba took. Look at what Bob Sapp did to Ernesto Hoost:

This means when it comes to protecting yourself: alive martial arts training isn’t enough. Especially if you are smaller than average. Or not in possession of large amounts of testosterone, natural or otherwise. And this doesn’t even bring weapons into the mix. Other person has a knife? All of those “knife disarms” you may have learned at a seminar aren’t going to mean shit. One of my old training partners from my Muay Thai days (cool guy, used to effortlessly beat the shit out of me) also had an extensive Kali background. He told me that his main takeaway from all of that training was how dead he would be if he ever got in a knife fight. Think about the margin of error here. If the other guy has a knife, as long as he retains control of that knife and doesn’t get knocked out he has a pretty good shot. You only need to screw up once to be bleeding everywhere and in need of emergency medical attention.

Part of being a good “martial artist” is being aware of your limitations. Both of your body and your skills. I’m 5′7″, 165lbs, and train on and off as a hobby. Yeah. I can take the average untrained bum that weighs less than 180lbs.If I’m facing someone bigger then that or weapons are involved I have a problem. My unarmed training works in two ways: it can either get me out of a scenario where a weapon is unnecessary, or it can buy me enough time to get to my weapon. BJJ/Judo/Karate is great. But weapons and size advantages are a reality of the world we live in. And the notion that you can just train to deal with that too is delusional as far as I am concerned. Unless that training involves going to the range with your sidearm of choice every so often.

It’s artist appreciation day in the SNK no hate awareness week!

As such, it is super important to make a post about my favorite artists here in the SNK/AOT fandom!

I’m gonna be listing some of them here in NO PARTICUAR ORDER! And I would really really appreciate it if my followers went ahead and followed them too cause trust me, they’re worth a million bucks!

Lena: Okay, I don’t have a twitter account so I can’t tell Lena how much I love her and her works. HOWEVER! She is a large part of the Ereri community, so I HAVE to include her, her twitter is @inunekosukii if you want to check it out!!!

@roredwarrior3 : I really love your Eren, Levi, and  Ereri/Riren drawings so much, they’re so beautiful, and you’re so skilled! Whenever I see your art, I always smile, it makes me so happy! It’s amazing how you work so hard and have so many things to do, but still produce such fine-quality material!

@varrix : I love your SNK Eruri and Durarara! art so so much! You draw them in this unique way, and I bet each fandom has seen your drawings before!! They’re so beautiful, but I am very sorry that people are stealing your art without credit :/ You truly draw like a professional! Thank you for being in the SNK fandom too!

@babushka-hi-hi: You are a huge part of the Eruri fandom! I love your art so so much! But not only do you draw SNK, you also draw my beloved One Piece (Law x Doffy! yay!) ! You art is so so beautiful, so gorgeous, it’s pure gold! 

@drinkyourfuckingmilk : Oh my god, every time I see your art (usually in the form of a HILARIOUS doujinshi, I fangirl like crazy! You make my LeviHan heart beat fast, and I am so so glad you are part of the SNK fandom!!!

@eli-ereri : Once again, thank you so so much for drawing that request for me!!! You’re so nice, and oh so very quick at drawing! You have the potential to be very iconic in the SNK fandom, your art is just so amazing!

@uncklerman : Every thing you post is just so hilarious and well thought out! I love your responses to questions, you’re a true bessing to the SNK fandom! Your art is also iconic, anyone can recognize it and they definitely saw it somewhere in most blogs! 

@ichigoreiyo : Have I ever mentioned to you how much I ADORE your art??? Your Eruri art is goals!! So beautiful and gorgeous! Never doubt you ability, it is amazing and worth a million dollars! You’re so humble and kind, you deserve 10 times the amount of followers and notes you have. 

@bev-nap : Whether it is Armin, Eren, or Levi, your art is just gorgeous and pretty! I love watching you draw when I can catch you live streaming, its so amazing! You post so many amazing and funny things, I love browsing your archive! I love your other blog too, @ask-eren-jaeger

@bluecrownedbird : I absolutely adore the way you draw Levi and Kuchel, it’s so heartwarming! Your Eruri art is so beautiful too. You draw like a true professional! I also adore your other blog, @ask-levi-ackerman! Your answers are hilarious and so thoughtful!

@dinklebert : Oh my god >.< I admire your art so much! It’s so beautiful, you draw so many characters and they’re so perfect! I really love every Ereri you drew too, they’re gorgeous (immediately that NSFW ereri popped into my mind… hehehe). I am so glad you’re in this fandom!

@azeensart : Eeeekkk! Your drawings are so realistic-looking and they’re so magnificent! You’re multi-fandom and 2 of them are good fandoms of mine (SNK and Naruto), so you’re a treasure cove for me! Your art is A+!

@doodlingclown : Awww your art is so cute! I love the ereri, it makes me feel so happy and warm! Whenever I’m feeling sad, I like to browse your ereri art and it instantly makes me smile!! You’re a blessing!

@sketchdream : I have to admit, I love all your drawings!! Even the ones where I’m not even part of that fandom, they’re so amazing! I’ve seen your art on google and other place before even joining tumblr, so I’m glad I found the source! Your drawings are marvelous! 

@corporaljaegerssweetass : I don’t understand why you think your art isn’t good enough! I honestly find it so funny and cute! Please continue drawing, you’ll get the recognition you deserve! 

@simsmono : Okay, I know its “Artists” day, but I believe that what you’re creating with the sims is pure ART! So I MUST include you! You make such amazing Ereri screenshots, they’re so beautiful and oh god! I love staring at Long-haired Eren and Levi’s undercut (lips too)! Thank you for being in this fandom!

@a-rikachu : Your artists are so beautiful and on-point!! You have such a unique style that I can immediately tell it’s you without even looking for your signature. I really really love your work, its really astonishing! -///-

@deereaa : I can tell that in due time, you’re gonna go far with your drawings. Your body anatomy is on-point, faces are easily recognizable, and beautiful pencil work. Seriously, drawings are amazing and deserves more recognition. Thank you for being in the SNK fandom!

@kaschy​ : Your SNK fan art is just amazing! I love your Porco and Reiner drawings, they’re so pretty! And the way you draw Reiner and Bert together is just -drool-!!! You’re amazing! Thank you for the blessed art!

@ereribuns : Aww, I just love your ereri cats, they’re so cute and always cheer me up when I see them on my dash! Your answers to questions are so hilarious! The way you draw the ereri is just unnngggg! 

@pandanoi : Your Eruri art is so delicious, I could stare at it for hours (not to mention the nsfw, amiright ;) ) You’re an amazing contributor to the Eruri community, thank you so much for also being in the SNK fandom!

@idrawr16yt : Your Eruri and MikEr art is so so hot! You definitely weren’t kidding when you said you draw 18+! Not that I’m complaining, keep ‘em coming! Anyway, I love the way you draw, you’re a wonderful artist!

@nangnuk : Oh my god, you draw such incredible Eruri art! I am ssoooo glad I found you! Unfortunately, I found you by a post saying someone stole your art and made it into Ereri (still heartbroken about that), but I am so so glad I was able to view more of your amazing art! I hope that experience didn’t push you away from the SNK fandom, cause I believe you belong with us!

@constant-catastrophe : I saw your drawings for different ships (Eruhan, Erurien) and my beloved Ereri, and I gotta admit I love each and every one of them! You’re such a sweet, humble person, and you respond to all asks with kindness. I am so glad that a talented, sweet person like you is in our community <3

@daydream24-7 : Rose, you’re so amazing and such a skilled artist! You draw like a professional, and you are so kind to everyone. You’re definitely one of my favorite artists, I just wish I found you sooner, cause I know I saw your art everywhere even before I joined tumblr!! Thank you so much!

@roxoah​ : You’re part of so many fandoms that I don’t know about, but I really like to creepily stare at your art even if I don’t know what it is of! You drew a lot of SNK character art, and I feel so happy cause they look so magnificent!! Also, I love your Levi Earrings and Tattoos. They give me life and supply me with blood, thank you for existing!

@nannelle : Nano-chan, you’re such a talented artist, and I definitely know you’ll get far here on Tumblr as well. You draw for SNK, Hunter x Hunter, Boku no Hero Academia, One Piece, and others!! Your art is so gorgeous and looks almost exactly like the anime! WIT studio should totally hire you to work for them! Thanks for being in the SNK fandom~

@darienart : You’re part of so many fandoms >.< But I am so so glad that you’re also in the SNK one! I just absolutely adore the way you drew Levi! I sincerely hope you have the time to draw whatever you like, you’re an amazing addition to any fandom you’ll ever be in!

@blauerozen : Your art is so captivating honestly! Very beautiful! You also draw for different fandoms, and they’re all drawn so well and colored so beautifully! I have to admit, the way you color eyes is my favorite thing about your drawings! You’re so talented, you’re gonna get so far in life. Thank you for being in the SNK fandom too!

@leslie-art​ : You’re definitely my ultimate favorite Ereannie artist on this site <3 You draw them in such a heart-wrenching way!!! And guess what? You’re the first artist I’ve found who’s also a Libra (or publicly claimed it)!!! Yay~ a fellow Libra finally! Your drawings and paintings are so aesthetic, I just adore them so much!

Okay, so I know I’m kinda late to the love your artist day, but I was trying really really hard to include and remember every artist I love! I am sure I missed people even still, and I would be SO GRATEFUL if you let me know!!!

I really appreciate artists so much, you contribute a lot to a community and can bring the fandom alive with one drawing! You have such a great power, thank you all for being in the SNK fandom! 

Everyone, I 1000% recommend you follow ALL of these people! I am certain you’ll love them!

Multi-shippers, you really don’t have an excuse to NOT follow any of these people (unless, of course, you’ve already followed them all? Then please give me recs for other artists too!)

Once again, thank you artists!


My mate showed me this and I love it to no end its so fucking cute ahhhhhh!!!!!

I love mchanzo! I love this video! I love my mate for showing me this! I can die happy xD

I kill the replay button to much lol

Edit: wasn’t aware the artist had a tumblr and I feel like I should have said this sooner I apologize. Credit to the original artist who is allowing me to keep it up.

anonymous asked:

There is no proof of Marco being trans. It's just all of you reading into it too much. Any time a character cross dresses for any reason, people like you always read into it way too much and say,"Oh he's trans" he's not. Disney would be presenting more evidence if him being trans if he were and when they make a trans character, they'll probably use dramatic irony in which we see the character struggle with their identity and we know what's going on but they don't particularly know yet

There is loads of evidence and only a few pieces of it have to do with Marco cross-dressing. If it had just simply been Marco cross-dressing I wouldn’t believe they are trans. But there was also the closet metaphor in the very first ep of Season 2, the stuck in life dream at the beginning of “Red Belt” where Marco is more horrified at being buried in a suit than the fact they are dead, the fact they cover the mirror in the shower because they are ashamed of their body and myriad of other stuff.

And once again you say “people like you”, I repeat; this is the first character in a show I have believed to be trans.

Plus you say Disney would make it more obvious, Disney have yet to have an openly gay character within their main casts and received backlash from having background characters who are gay. So given this fact I don’t really imagine them rushing to the deep end for trans representation. If anything they’d be cautious in order to test the waters given their past experience with LGBT representation.

But if you wish to disagree that is fine, you can have your opinion and I can have mine.

Also just to add, Star Vs The Forces of Evil is a storyboard driven show, it has no set script. At the beginning the creator of the show Daron Nefcy would have had an idea of where she wants the plot to go but that idea is not concrete. Adam McArthur who is Marco’s voice actor has said Daron Nefcy and the storyboard artists listen to the fans and are open minded to the end result cos he feels they want the best show possible and like it or not those who believe in trans Marco form part of the fan base and several of the storyboard artists are aware of the theory.