Wherein monsters remain above ground, the war reaches a bloody un-conclusion, and monsters cannot die. Instead, they come back, over and over again, their bodies restored with only their clothes any evidence of their Falling. Really… it’s enough to drive a man mad.

My Dark Souls + Undertale concept art! I spent over a month on these, and I’m so happy I didn’t rush through them. I’m so proud of each design, and the extra dirt + rust + blood were perhaps my favorite things to draw. 

More to come, with lore and more Undertale-like drawings of each of the characters! I’m so happy that this has finally come to fruition!

Remember to love each other.

I spent WAY too much time with the frame design, and I just love shiny things.

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Will o’ Wisps, metaphorically are a symbol of hope

In folklore they’re bastards so be careful


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