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Sorry to melt your snow but….

Being held to accountability isn’t racism; being held to accountability is part of being an adult.

If you can’t get a job because of how you are dressed/hair style/facial tattoos/pants off your ass - change your look. Its not racism/prejudice/xenomegamicromacrodoucheophobia if they don’t hire you. They know I don’t want to spend my money somewhere that has a bunch of you running around with a fucked up attitude, lacking people skills and a basic grasp of the English language. I don’t want your help - fuck you I’m not xenomegamicromacrodoucheophobic either. I work hard for my money…very hard. I dont have time to go to summer festivals, the nightly raves. I dont have time to break into a random ass dance group jitter shit. Welfare isn’t financing my artistic expressionism. 80 fucking hours a week is feeding my white privileged ass along with my children.

Don’t like it….

PROVE ME WRONG. and no, a protest/riot isn’t proving me wrong….. Just giving me time to inspect all loaded magazines for proper spring functionality.

Grow the fuck up. This nation was hardened from the foundation up by equally hardened men and women. Ours is a proud heritage of “busting your ass and achieving what your ancestors weren’t”….after all, that’s why they came here anyways…for a chance to die a free man.

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The 7 and their favorite music genres?

Percy is definitely a punk rock ho. Also one of those people who just like, knows everything? He and Piper nerd out a lot together.

Hazel loves scores and instrumentals, and has a lot of fun catching up on music genres she’s missed even if some of them aren’t her taste, and gets the good kind of nostalgia from listening to music that was popular when she was growing up.

Jason’s music taste is appalling, he listens to whatever’s on and never thinks about what he actually wants to hear. He would listen to country and also Nickelback. He also listens to shitty pop songs, not the good pop songs. He just doesn’t know or care much about music, so lets other people pick the songs instead.

Piper will listen to virtually anything (except country and Nickelback), she’s a great DJ because she’s great at variety and making playlists based on moods and genres.

Annabeth isn’t really a music lover, so she doesn’t much listen to it when she’s on her own. Like, obviously she can appreciate good music, but she doesn’t seek it out. She likes quieter stuff, like singer/songwriters, if she ever feels like listening to something. Plays Pandora stations and never knows the names of the songs she’s listening to.

Frank is a radio person, he doesn’t have a collection of stuff that he likes. He has good taste and loves music, but he doesn’t compile it and doesn’t tend to listen to a given artist or album.

Leo listens to weird shit, like bad pop songs and bizarre 80s songs, like not the good stuff, the bands he likes are all bands that had like just a couple hits and the rest of their stuff is virtually unknown except Leo knows every song they’ve ever written, sometimes people don’t know if he’s joking or not when he puts something on.