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Thanatos Night Story & Character Bios


Swooping down to the sleepless skyscrapers, a feast (gig) by the disoriented fallen angels takes place.

The ones you face now are fallen angels who’ve swept down to the skyscrapers.

“In a town where an Angel swept down to,” you (who has moved in) unexpectedly meets this “Angel” by chance.

Your curiosity about death leads to them gaining interest in encountering you. And thus, it’s decided that you’ll listen to their song… …

The feast (gig) of the disoriented fallen angels―――

Izaya (CV: Hatano Wataru) [One-Winged Fallen Angel]

“If you want to die, go ahead. But if you do, will you obey the orders I give you?”

Height: 177cm

Weight: 55kg

What He Likes: Melon

What He Hates: Cookies made by Liam

CD Release Date: November 23rd, 2016

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Liliana, Also Delver of Secrets.

WIP for an “Itty-Bitty Original.”  Next: try not to ruin a super-rare LotV artist proof with oil paint…

anonymous asked:

Dear makeup goddess, can you explain to me why mingyu looks so particularly squishy babyface at the 170217 fansign---is it the eyebrows?? lack of eyeliner??? I don't understand his cute face and you seem like you know lots about these things

I’m so glad I can put my makeup analyzation to good use lol. 

(170217 images)

I don’t notice too much about Mingyu’s makeup on avearge, but it looks like there’s a focus on the lower lid (the eye bag) especially. I’m pretty sure his eye bag is always defined, but there’s a bit more of a glimmer directly underneath his pupil portion. Which can give a more rounded effect to the lower lid. Rounder eyes tend to give off more innocent vibes. So that could be an option. 

The inner portion (tear duct area) is also a bit brighter than what is normally done. The contour of the lower lid also goes straight out as opposed to curling in. The open space that leaves only makes the space of the lower lid look THAT MUCH MORE wider. And that much more innocent (since eyes can puff up when smiling; it’s sort of mimicking that effect I assume). 

Liner looks barely noticeable in some images, but also really noticeable in some? I assume it’s editing. But it looks like they defined his lashline and lid with a series of neutral browns with a hint of warmth. It’s very soft and doesn’t overpower the space of the lid. The darkest color at his lash line just looks like a very thin line of an ashy brown. There doesn’t seem to be a hint of black or dark brown anywhere. Everything is just very light and fresh. Especially his waterlines!!! I dunno if clear, bright waterlines are a usual aspect to Mingyu’s look (more of a Jun thing tbh) but it suits him really well!!!

And yes! His brows have less of a structured shape - it isn’t ornamented as much. The hairs are probably tinted as well to go with whatever they filled in with (an ashy taupe color), which makes the brows really soft? Mingyu can have such a nice structured brow at times, coupled with his eye shape it makes him look really fierce. So just doing something basic to the brows helps to lessen that factor. Which in turn can soften his features as a whole.

It’s hard to tell, but I think his upper lip has full color, while the lower lip has the concentration of color at the center and sort of fades out. It makes his bottom lip look more puckered and cartoony. And as the general scheme of things SOFT -

Lastly, his cheeks - which have minimal plush at the center planes - are catching light really well. Whether that’s credits of editing or makeup related - it gives the illusion of a plushier face. WHICH IS ALWAYS CUTE. When mingyu smiles his cheeks naturally puff out because of his smile lines as well. So that natural contour, coupled with the light, makes him look squishable and I appreciate it.

But man all these images are so different it’s hard to get an idea. That’s all I could manage but I agree, HE LOOKS SO CUTE THIS FANSIGN WHAT THE HECK-