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Angst November Day 11: “Letters never sent/words never said”

Perks of dating me
  • endless cuddles
  • I’ll be your “at-home” barista
  • date nights can be pizza, netflix &/or video games
  • I can have my girly days & I can have my androgynous days
  • we can build forts inside
  • we can go backyard camping
  • I’m extremely serious when it comes to the person I’m dating, you can believe I’m 100% loyal
  • whenever I’m able to, I’ll spoil the heck out of you
  • if you’ve had a bad day you can bet I’ll stay up till the morning talking with you
  • if you can’t fall asleep I’ll happily play with your hair, draw on your back, etc until you can sleep
  • I’ll purposefully made you play video games with me & most likely make you frustrated just so I can give you more affection
  • I’ll probably draw a bunch of cute digital shit of us being cute
Art is just pain that makes sense after awhile.
—  Nicole Torres //