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Stayed up ‘til 4 in the morning working on this bad boy– a submission to the Women’s March on Washington call for art. I’d love for it to be chosen, knowing my artwork is there, standing strong for women’s rights when I wasn’t able to (I WILL be at the sister march in Austin though!) I’m also aware, though, that I went a little crazy with the illustrative part and it may not make for a great political poster… oh well! 

  • Me: wow this landscape is gorgeous where is this i wish I could go th...
  • Me: *squints*
  • Me: this is a video game isn't it

Artist’s choice Fairyline Sia for another one of my best friends in the hobby! I have been dying to do a pink heart theme on a doll since forever. She has lip line detail overlaid on painted heart lips, white and red heart freckles, and sky blue eyeliner for an OTT sugar-sweet look!

Her eyes have also been modded wider so she’s not as sleepy-looking :)

Take away the make-up and the clothes that I wear

I’ve got a heart that’s beating softly and it’s gasping for air

Because I’m alive but I’m not living

Alex Danvers, 3 hours

the kiss between victor and yuuri wasn’t censored by the media! If you think about it, yuri on ice has this reputation of being able to top itself every episode by surprising the viewers!!! Was the kiss censored? Yes, but censored by victor! I do believe this was an artistic choice made by the producers/writers so that later on they can show us their lips actually touching with the purpose of surprising us even more!

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Totally ambiguous endings that don’t explain anything. Like, games where nothing ever gets explained and/or the ending resolves nothing.

Like, I get it’s an artistic choice not to openly explain any of the plot or background of a game and there’s a place for that kind of game but it feels like EVERY GAME is doing that recently.

I like for things to come together and be explained at some point. I feel like just not answering any of the questions of the game and making it purposefully hard to follow or understand is often used as a ploy to make games seem deeper and artsier.