Personal Space: Viktoria Dahlberg

When we first found images of Viktoria Dahlberg’s apartment, we immediately saved them for inspiration. After discovering she lived right in NYC, we just had to meet up with her and get a look at the Pinterest-perfect space. Moving from Stockholm, Sweden to Brooklyn in 2015, Viktoria dips her creativity across photography, style, and interior design. Read on to hear more about Viktoria’s apartment and her tips for decorating a new space.

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anonymous asked:

My boyfriend and I aren't really well off! I pretty much live pay cheque to pay cheque and he's a student finishing uni! What are some dates you'd recommend or some activities to do? Also do you have a post on saving money? Sorry if I'm asking too much! Thank you!

I don’t think I have a post on saving… someone did ask me about a budget, which is somewhere on my blog so i’ll have to find it and reblog it. Some things that I have done or some dates ideas are:

  • going to the art gallery
  • museum
  • hiring bikes and riding around the city
  • picnics!
  • cheap tuesday/monday movie dates (or whatever discount day your local cinema has to offer. my local one is $7 a ticket on mondays)
  • markets (farmers markets, artists’ markets and flea markets)
  • getting dumplings
  • mini golf
  • drive-thru cinema
  • spa at home (face masks, massages)
  • board games
  • fruit picking
  • go karting
  • ice-cream!
  • thrifting/second hand shopping
  • stargazing
  • camping
  • scenic walks
  • taking the train to any where
  • karaoke
  • play games at the arcade

staten island // january 2014

dear new york city,

i will not say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.(peter pan) i can not tell how thankful i am. for the great time i had and for all the lovely people that treated me so well. i will miss this all so so much. i will miss my internship, my lap-cat strangecuts, calling the friendly netgear customer service and ordering food from spice. i will miss our big ball-keychains, errand runs to the dollar store where nobody actually speaks english and i will miss chinatown. really. i will miss my south-4-roommates and getting drunk on a sunday evening, mouse-hunting and late-night-talks with our landlady on the stairway. i will miss williamsburg so much, i will miss the woods and union pool and strong coffees from konditori that would keep me awake for two days. i will miss tofu-cream-cheese-bagels and fancy organic foodmarkets and artists & fleas. i will miss the waterfront, strolling through the streets always finding something nice and daily walks over the williamsburg bridge. i will miss the smell of hot dog stands, the sound of manhattan and occasional city escapes to rockaway beach and the sunny weather. i will miss that almost everything’s open 24/7, i will miss deli stores and b&h and the friendly staff at lusterphoto, who processed and scanned my negatives so well. i will miss the laundromat on lorimer street and spending nights there eating popcorn, reading books and waiting for my clothes to dry.

William Blake, The Ghost of a Flea c.1819-20

“John Varley – an artist, astrologer and close friend of Blake – reported in his Treatise on Zodiacal Physiognomy (1882) that Blake once had a spiritual vision of a ghost of a flea and that ‘This spirit visited his imagination in such a figure as he never anticipated in an insect.’ While drawing the spirit it told the artist that all fleas were inhabited by the souls of men who were ‘by nature bloodthirsty to excess’. In the painting it holds a cup for blood-drinking and stares eagerly towards it. Blake’s amalgamation of man and beast suggests a human character marred by animalistic traits.”