artist: dreammaidenn
An Old Knot in the Heart

Author: dreammaidenn

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 1k

Summary: Arthur is trying to hide from fans and bandmates alike when he meets a mysterious man.

Comment: I loved the hint of something more, that Merlin was waiting for Arthur to remember him and Arthur was just on the cusp of it, but Merlin was letting Arthur take his time and not forcing it. I would love to read more from this universe.

Snacks From Up Above (81,142 words, Explicit, Complete)

Stiles works as an IT guy at Hale Enterprises and for the last six months, he’s been called upstairs to fix some kind of computer problem for Derek Hale at least four times a week. And two of those four times, Mr Hale has either hit on him or asked him out. But Stiles knows better than to date his boss and Mr Hale is the absolute worst at flirting.

So learning that Mr Hale is a single father to an adorable four-year-old girl who wants Stiles to attend her dance recital shouldn’t change things at all, right?

And on top of that, a mysterious cup has been lowered down through a hole in the ceiling right above Stiles’ desk, delivering treats directly to him. Stiles declares them to be his Cup Person and they seem to know just what he likes.

What could possibly go wrong?