artist work desk


Aug 22, 2017


Starting this up again because my summer is almost over and I wanted to show a couple of quick snaps of my workspace. Honestly, I love it so much and I’m so happy to be out of the dorms and in an apartment with some of my friends! 

Still going into Graphic Design. I started my freshman year with biochemistry and found it was not for me. I needed more creative freedom so this semester is all about building my portfolio for a portfolio review in December. They will then tell me if I actually get into Graphic Design or not. Praying I do.

Putting together my workspace was so satisfying. I had a picture in my head and it came out perfect. I’m waiting for some more photos to come in the mail to add them to the wall. 

I’m incorporating my love for kpop with my personal preference of colors and created a unique aesthetic that I’m so pleased with! At first, I wasn’t sure how to combine the crazy world of kpop and the very designer feel of Graphic Design together but I managed.

For future posts, you will see more of my bullet journal/kpop journal feat. in the pictures. So excited. I will also show my artwork that I will be working on as well.

WIP again. Something what I try to paint in between commissions. It’s my character Leia and I didn’t manage to do a proper illustration with her yet. LOL and god please help me… I didn’t draw with my style for almost a year and I didn’t paint with colors for even longer. TORTURE. And I think you can guess the theme of this one XD