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It had been particularly difficult to leave Cassian’s bed when her alarm had gone off - he was lucky enough to have a day off, while she’d have her hands full making up what she had determined to be a metric fuckton of extras for a secondary accident scene that was the only scene on the shooting schedule that day. At the very least, she knew that she’d see him when her day was done, and that gave Jyn something to look forward to, as always.

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I’d just like to remind NCTzens that this exists. Dotae duets are… exquisite.

Also– Closeup video: (x) | Switch Off Dotae duet: (x)

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Would you have any advise for people who are trying to draw fanart/write fanfiction in general?

Writers: READ Artists: WATCH PPL DRAW (speed paints)

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love how dynamic and expressive ur art is!! it's so fluid and bam! kinda has a punch to it sometimes u know? reminds me a little bit of like? shin-chan and stuff it's so satisfying to look at idk u kick ass i love it sm

ohhhh thank you !!!! i love shin chan artistically (though ive never watched it..) what a great compliment ^//0//^ ty!


L'arte sotto ogni sua forma, io li trovo semplicemente fantastici. Passate dal sito whereiseefashion, è lei l'autrice di questi capolavori

I finally made some cacti stuff and it was fun : D