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True story

While I was in the car (waiting for my mom to get back from the store) I totally saw this middle-aged woman taking selfies of herself

and you could totally tell she was feelin’ it

I had nothing better to do so I kinda kept watching her thinking the whole time ‘yas babe you do you be confident own that camera yasss’

but then I got spotted

She looked so embarrassed and I felt bad because I was kinda the one creeping so I gave her a thumbs up and then we started taking selfies together while laughing and it was magical 

phichit majoring in art history and photography in university is now my headcanon he is an incredible artist and loves taking photos of old buildings and gorgeous sunsets and can talk for days about his favorite art styles in history and photographers and he takes a camera with him on international competitions and sends his family sweeping nighttime cityscapes

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How could someone think their not together? Best friends don't just go on romantic vacations to Japan and Singapore by themselves

theyre just best bros who have been living together for 7 years and spending nearly every waking moment with each other going on brocations all over the globe and having little broventures in places like japan and singapore taking artistic photos of each other for their brobook (bro scrapbook)

Trini is super camera shy! She’s always covering up her face when Zack or Kim inevitably start taking snaps. The two of them are Snapchat fiends and the main goal is to get Trini to actually appear on camera. Billy likes to take artistic photos and likes all the filters. Jason’s fingers usually ends up in 95% of his snap chat photos.

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on art theft

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been reblogging a lot of stuff related to plagiarism and art theft recently. This is because my painting of an OC character design was reposted on another site without my permission or any credit to me. It still had my watermark on it. I’ve since had it taken down.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of posts already made about tracing, reposting, and outright reclaiming; rightly so. They are prevailing issues on tumblr and deviantart (it’s a cesspit), and urgently need to be addressed. Another issue is people submitting other people’s art for videos without permission. The phandom unfortunately has a bit of a penchant for this, mostly due to the number of people desperate to be noticed by Dan and Phil who don’t realise the implications of stealing art – hence the angry posts made by affected artists. However, there are very few – if any – posts on cheating.

What I mean by this is artists who take photos they find online and pass them through filters to make them look like paintings, then claim that they drew them themselves.

This is cheating. I cannot stress it enough. I’ve seen it on my dash recently, and I recognise what has been done to the picture. I can see the tools that have been used because I know my way around Photoshop and other editing programs, but someone who is not familiar with these may just see a really good digital painting. Thus, the “artist” gets attention and praise for their “work” – something that took all of ten minutes to create.

It is grossly unfair to legitimate artists who pour hours into a piece of work that they’re proud of, only to post it online and have a piece of cheated art surpass it in notes. It also basically spits in the eye of artists, completely devaluing their work and integrity, reducing their talent to something that can be cheaply replicated and passed off. Can you see how this would make them feel? Like they may as well not bother if their stuff is going to live in the shadow of faked pieces.

It is absolutely not okay. Ever. This is a very grey area in terms of plagiarism etc, but it’s absolutely a demonstration of a complete lack of artistic integrity and respect.

Sorry for the rant.

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Mellly why on earth is there a photo of Zayn with a trash can floating around?

Because sometimes when you’re Zayn you feel compelled to take an Artistic™ photo in your daytime pajama suit and fashion crocs next to an industrial trashcan 

Its best not to question it and just accept that its Zayn’s way of saying he’s made it to the level where he can take selfies next to trashcans and still look GQ. 

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How about the RFA + V + Saeran and a Model MC? Like, ruby rose kinda style model?

Hi! Sorry for the delay! Thanks so much for this request it was interesting to think about although I think the conclusion of all of them would be very similar! ❤❤

✨Zen is sOooooooo amazed
✨He loved MC before seeing them of course, and when he saw them he was swoooooooning, that alternative edge had him shook
✨He loves MC with his heart way more than his eyes and he makes sure they know it! Although he compliments their looks plenty he also makes sure to compliment deeper things about them bc he knows what it’s like to feel like ppls interest in you is skin deep!
✨He mentions someone he worked with to MC once and they say they modelled with them once and that’s how it comes up
✨He’s honestly not surprised that MC could model!
✨Though he prefers acting jobs to modelling he totally respects MCs preference and comes along to shoots when he has time and they occasionally do couple shoots
✨Selfie game: expert. Whether it’s laughing and cuddling in bed, or when out on cute walks. Whether they are flawless or they both look ruffled to heck. (The cute homely ones like that are his fave and mostly they stay away from the public so he can treasure them!!!)
✨looks amazing whenever they borrow his shirts or jackets but when they fish out his leather jacket, and anything else from his bad boy days he will lose his mind. dead. RIP.
✨2 models with a friend who is a photographer??? Selfie game: above expert?? V is always happy to catch special moments~
✨The hottest couple in the limelight!!
✨sometimes the public seem to just think they are in the relationship for the others looks and the publicity but as they are together for longer and longer, and they are consistently such a cute couple that this stuff generally dies down!

⭐️Yoosung is so embarrassed at first! He thinks about how bad he must look a flunking student who always plays games…
⭐️Once he’s reassured he’s perfect for MC he is so excited? his partner is a p well known model?
⭐️He shows off to his friends a lot at first
⭐️Honestly it makes no real diffference of course but he’s still so amazed that a model loves his geek ass
⭐️Can get pretty jealous? MC meets some of the most good looking people around and has people touching them to move them around and maybe see them in various states of undress….
⭐️He does work on his jealously though since MC always tells him they only really have eyes for him!
⭐️Really supportive and if anyone makes any comments that are dismissive of MCs job he’ll fight them, and enlist the help of the others if needed, especially Zen, Seven and Saeran!
⭐️Definitely has all the modelling shots he can find of MC on his wall or something, and loves to show off how amazing and talented and cool as well as wonderful they are!!!

🚀Seven already knows ofc but keeps it on the down low out of respect
🚀quite worried that MC is so in the public eye when he is the exact opposite
🚀worried about them being seen together much in case it sparks attention about where he lives n who he is not that he leaves the house all that much…
🚀He’s extra cautious of MCs safety, keeps an eye on any comments etc about them or their work
🚀Best not be too rude or u will start experiencing some…. technical difficulties
🚀makes silly jokes all the time about how the secret agent always gets his lover, and how the superhero always gets the happy ending
🚀Pretend catwalks and photo shoots with MC and Mary 👀👀👀
🚀When MC was at the apartment he would have been joking about them strutting down the hallway for the camera and lost his mind when they would go all out!!!!

☕️Honestly Jaehee is basically dying
☕️Thinks it’s amazing that MC got such a dream job kind of lifestyle
☕️Doesn’t see how they could find her so interesting and amazing??? Is always worried she’s too plain or boring
☕️Fangirls over all of MCs work, and is so so proud of her partner!!
☕️Zen / MC both her faves and both are good looking and talented. Jaehee is in heaven and avidly keeps MCs shoots just like she keeps Zen’s performances etc.
☕️Really is just always amazed at their dedication and how amazing they are and loves to talk to everyone about them.
☕️If they don’t have one already, sets up MCs fan page or else joins it!!!
☕️loves how unique MCs look is and admires that they are true to themselves!

💼Jumin honestly is not that phased, he’s been set up on dates with models before
💼He loves the edgier look that MC has! He is taken aback at first but thinks it speaks volumes of their tenacity and independence
💼Will always offer for them to model for his business ideas if they are between jobs, although respects if they don’t want to
💼When he first heard MC had a job he told them they could quit because money wasn’t a problem, but when they said it was modelling and they loved it he understood
💼Tells them they don’t need to ever take jobs they don’t want to though!
💼He can pull some strings to help get them shoots they are excited about as well
💼everyone calls them a power couple! But he’s not at all phased by the modelling or the fame he just loves MC for understanding him… though he sure isn’t complaining about their looks!
💼Finds more revealing photoshoots hard to understand at first, possibly commenting that MC was cheapening themselves etc, but once MC/the others set him straight he apologises for any such comments!!
💼pleased there are other amazing pictures of MC so that his shaky pictures aren’t all he can frame for his office (though some of them and Elizabeth 3rd are his favourite and are on his desk anyway)

🕶SuDDENLY more of Vs pictures have a person in…..
🕶loves taking picture of MC. Especially taking them travelling to find some beautiful aesthetic places to photograph.
🕶finds it too much of a neat and tidy coincidence that a photographer and a model ended up together, it’s absolutely got to be fate
🕶loves MCs image! Thinks they look super unique and expressive and interesting
🕶Is happy to use his contacts to get them more work etc, or use his photos of them to add to their portfolio
🕶Loves taking artistic photos of them in their underwear or less!
🕶But has a special passion for taking candids of them with his high quality camera but when they’re like, in one of his jumpers and some pants and drinking milk from a cereal bowl.
🕶thinks they are wonderful regardless of looks of course!

🔪Saeran doesn’t care at all??? MC is gorgeous and anyone who doesn’t realise that must be ridiculous as far as he’s concerned, of course they are a model?? But that isn’t what matters at all!
🔪Struggles with his jealousy! He’s grown attached to MC as he’s been healing, and he feels nervous about them being so out there- what if they find someone less damaged, with less baggage etc??
🔪Honestly just whatever makes MC happy as long as they are safe and happy and come back home to him he’ll work on reigning in his jealousy
🔪Loves the look, thinks it’s super hot to be honest
🔪He probably is too shy to come along to many shoots but if he does he watches with such admiration
🔪similar to 7, keeps an eye on comments about them etc and if there is any rudeness there will be hell to pay

All of these boil down to: they think it’s cool and love MC, but ultimately it wasn’t the looks that are most important to them!
I hope you enjoyed this!!



meme : AESTHETICS !!
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Meronia Week - Day 6: Free day
Since today theme is Free day, I figured that I should draw them a little different from their usual designs. Maybe they dress up to go out on a date. Maybe they’re in a ModelAU. Maybe Near just lost a bet and he had to shave half of his head as the consequence. And I haven’t seen a braid Mello so I guess I draw one this time. I hope these changes don’t weird you out XD
[[Day 4: Together]]

The Signs Institutionalized

Cancer: *Is the nurse* Come on, sweetie. It’s only for a week.

Aries: I never asked for this! *stands glued to their spot*

Cancer: Please, just come with me. This doesn’t have to be an issue.

Aries: *starts yelling* Come with you!? Why!? So you can put me in a padded cell, is that it!?

Cancer: *looks confused* Wait, nobody told you anything? You poor baby! *touches Aries’s arm*

Aries: *lightly slaps Cancer’s hand away.* Please don’t touch me.

Cancer: *sighs* you’re going to have to come with me darling. There aren’t any other options.

Aries: *mumbles something incoherent, but reluctantly follows, much to Cancer’s delight.*

Cancer: The other patients are having free hour right now, so you get to meet them all in the common’s area. *said with a big smile. Opens a door revealing a colorful room.*

~Sagittarius and Virgo are reading. Pisces is watching cartoons. Capricorn is scribbling something down on a notepad. Aquarius is drawing. Taurus, Leo, and Libra are playing cards while Gemini is rapidly talking about something. Scorpio is sitting on a beanbag watching everyone.~

Cancer: We have a new patient!

Scorpio: Ew.

Pisces: *Jumps up* Hi, I’m Pisces! *Gives a big hug to the very uncomfortable Aries*

Aries: Um. *Shoves a sad looking Pisces away*

Aquarius: *Slaps Aries’s back* Hey, man, what landed you in here?

Cancer: You know you’re not allowed to ask or tell that, Aquarius.

Aquarius: You know people don’t actually listen to rules. *looks at Aries* We should go do something fun.

Aries: *scoffs* There’s nothing to do in here.

Aquarius: That, my friend, you’re wrong about. I can show you the power of imagination.

Aries: *rolls eyes* I think I’m good. I’d rather go watch cartoons with Pisces. *Actually goes to watch cartoons with Pisces*

Gemini: *to Taurus, Leo, and Libra* What do you think about the new guy?

Leo: I love him. We’ll be married by this time next year.

Libra: Seems a bit hostile.

Taurus: I’ve never even talked to him… He just got here.

Gemini: I think we’re gonna be friends.

Libra: Good, maybe it’ll get you out of my hair.

Gemini: *looks hurt*

Libra: Just kidding bae, you know I love ya.

Gemini: *beems*

Scorpio: *leers at everyone.*

Capricorn: *Looks around.* So.

Taurus: I could use a hug.

Capricorn: *looks lovingly at Taurus* Commere. *Gives Taurus a hug*

Aries: *is genuinely shocked* Woah… I kinda assumed you didn’t have emotions.

Capricorn: I get that a lot.

Libra: *sarcasm* I wonder why. It’s not like you’re over there doing calculus or anything.

Capricorn: *frowns* I have to keep my mind sharp.

Leo: Scorpio, how do I look? I haven’t seen a mirror since this morning. I mean, I know I always look fabulous, but I’d like the layman’s opinion.

Scorpio: *Says flatly* fantastic.

Virgo: *looks up from reading a book about parenthood and symmetry* Actually honey, you look awful and shouldn’t be seen out in public.

Leo: Fuck you hater.

Virgo: *shrugs and goes back to her book.*

Aquarius: *Clears throat. Cracks knuckles.* It’s about time someone addresses the elephant in the room, so I’m going to verbalize what everyone is thinking: We’re escaping.

Virgo: Literally no one was thinking that.

Aquarius: But this place is a drag.

Leo: He has a point.

Capricorn: He didn’t make any points.

Gemini: I think he’s made a very convincing argument.

Capricorn: …he hasn’t argued anything.

Libra: I miss taking artistic photos of my Starbucks to post on my aesthetics Tumblr blog.

Leo: She’s right.

Capricorn: ….You’re all horrible at this.

Sagittarius: *looks up from his fantasy Buddhism book for the first time.* Did someone say adventure??

Virgo: *groans.*

Scorpio: *laughs*

Gemini: He has a knife!!!

Capricorn: What. No he doesn’t.

Libra: So many stereotypes! Can’t we all just get along!?

Aquarius: We’re leaving I have a key.

Virgo: Oh my god.

Sagittarius: Gosh!!! You’re using the Lord’s name in vain!!!

Capricorn: I thought you were Buddhist.

Sagittarius: Uh… I’m Hindu…

Pisces: Shhhhh! I need to find out what Max is trying to tell Ruby this time!!

Scorpio: *shakes head slowly*

Aries: You’re all mental.

Gemini: *looks at Aries like he’s stupid. Wild hand gestures around at the room they’re in.*

Libra: Truuuuuuue.

Aries: Which confirms it.

Libra: Truuuuuuue.

Cancer: *enters* Art therapy time!

Pisces: Yay!!

Libra: Truuuuuuue.


Everyone but Aquarius: *Is sleeping*

Aquarius: *sneaks into Gemini’s room and awakens him.“

Gemini: *Still half asleep* No mom. I’m tired. Lemme sleep.

Aquarius: *Shakes Gemini. Whispers* We’re leaving.

Gemini: *Sits up.* I am so ready.

Aquarius: Yeah! *wakes everybody up and forces them to come with him*

Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Aries, Scorpio: *stands in the lobby, disgruntled.*

Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces: *stands in the lobby, excited*

Taurus: I get released in the morning…

Capricorn: This plan is illogical.

Virgo: I actually want mental help.

Aries: You’re all insane.

Scorpio: I don’t trust any of you.

Pisces: Adventure!

Scorpio: You just want to do more meth.

Aries: …

Taurus: ….

Gemini: ….Ohhh…

Leo: …

Virgo: …

Libra: …

Sagittarius: …

Capricorn: …

Aquarius: …

Pisces: How do you know about that you son of a-

Libra: Alright! As much as I’d love to stand here in the lobby and chat, they’re close to making rounds, so we should dash.

Everyone: *Runs out the door, across the street, and into the woods.*

Aquarius: So now that we’re out, what was everyone in there for.

Virgo: I have extreme OCD.

Pisces: I was addicted to meth and tried to kill myself.

Leo: Extreme narcissism.

Aries: “Anger issues.”

Sagittarius: psychotic depression.

Gemini: I have bipolar disorder.

Taurus: I suffer from Bulimia.

Capricorn: I’m a psychopath.

Aquarius: I have extreme anxiety and paranoia.

Libra: Anorexia.

Scorpio: I have extreme sadism. I also killed fourteen people, but was deemed not fit to stand trial.

Aries: …

Taurus: …

Gemini: Holy shit.

Leo: …

Virgo: …

Libra: …

Sagittarius: …

Capricorn: …

Aquarius: …

Pisces: …

Scorpio: I bet you guys regret leaving the hospital right now.