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tfw ur trying to write plot but ur brain only provides you with out-of-sequence snippets built on vague ideas and an endless number of potential outcomes that develop and branch out unnaturally over an unspecified timespan

quick proportion tips

- eyeballs are an eyeball width apart
- ears align with the top of your brows to the bottom of your nose, and are the center-point of a profile view
- lip corners line up to the center of each eye
- hands are roughly the size of your face
- feet are the same size as your forearm
- elbows are aligned with your belly-button
- your hands reach down mid-length of your thighs
- both upper and lower legs (individually) are roughly the same size as your torso 
(this is all rough estimates for proportion! feel free to add more to help others)

True Black: The Tarot Deck

True Black: The Tarot Deck just lauched on Kickstarter!

*Images property of True Black Tarot, used with permission. For more deck images see the Kickstarter.

Launching on Kickstarter for the reduced price of $70 (retail $85) this deck is really a stunning work of art. Go check it out & get yours! For more deck pictures, please visit the Kickstarter page!

True Black: The Tarot Deck on Kickstarter!


-ˏˋ HAPPY (belated) HALLOWEEN ˎˊ-
tldr: my holiday spread to remind myself (and you!) that we are loved

this year I wanted to do a whole halloween spread without being too cheesy ‪—‬ at first this drawing started out as a simple haunted house but the more I added to it, the more inspired I became. the house itself is supposed to represent all the ugly lies I’ve told myself on my worst days; while the purple sky represents the things I need to remember while going through the bad days ‪♡

I didn’t intend to get so deep and artsy with this spread but I’m quite pleased with it ‪—‬ hope you all had a spectacular halloween! but more importantly, I hope you don’t believe the lies in your own haunted house (ew, is that too cheesy? oh well. you’re loved!!) ‪✧


  So earlier today I mentioned posting some “remastered” versions of my old works, and here they are!

  In the past, I’d always been reluctant to add watermarks to my work, because I felt they’d detract from the pictures themselves; however over the course of the past week alone I’ve been met with too many instances to count of people reposting my work without my permission, both credited and not.

  This is genuinely one of the biggest dickmoves you can make to an artist, as it’s a case of taking their hard work, stuff that they are genuinely proud of and that they spent time and effort making, and throwing it out in a frequently random and completely out of context manner without even having the courtesy to ask first, and -in some instances - expecting them to appreciate it.

  While I’m aware that this is a sadly incredibly common occurrence, I maintain that it really doesn’t need to be.

  Regretfully however, I am likely going to have to start watermarking my work like this. I was thinking something along the lines of;

Don’t be a Dick,
Don’t Repost.


happy fri-YAY ‪☆ this week was the first week of school for many of you and guess what? you survived! you did it! I hope you take this weekend to rest and relax (because it’s well deserved) ♡‬

Art History Witchery: Surrealism

Hey, all! If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see the future let me know! This lesson is about Surrealism. Now a bit about the movement itself.

Surrealism began in the 1920s as an offshoot of Dada, an avant-garde art movement that embraced the absurd. Surrealism was more than a mere art movement, it was a cultural movement that the way to achieve completeness was to combine reality and the unconscious, thus creating a Surreality. They are best known for combining an environment that is almost photographic quality with otherworldly and disconcerting elements, such as the melting clocks in Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory (shown above). Surrealism was meant to make people uncomfortable and to think outside the box that reality tends to put people into.

Notable Surrealist Artists:

  • Salvador Dali
  • Andre Breton (founder)
  • Freida Kahlo
  • Lenora Carrington
  • Dorthea Tanning

For Surrealism, I’ve created a card spread that boils down the main idea of Surrealism, combining reality with the unconscious to create a surreality.

The Surrealist Card Spread:

Reality: What influences are around you 

Unconscious: What your inner self is telling you

Surreality: How to achieve and balance what both influences want

Please note that tarot, oracle cards, or runes are not a substitute for professional help.